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As a young girl on the islands, my grandmother would take us to the garden for "root foods" to be cooked that evening.  The walk began descending into the valley through spiraling walkways and descending hills as I clutched to the land beneath my feet for dear life.  Once we descended into the valley, it was time to jump into the river for the catch of the day.  How was that done?  Simply getting a certain kind of bush, pounding it into a moist concoctions, placing rocks at the shallow area of the river to form a square, and then dumping the bush into the squared of area.  It was truly amazing. The fish would become drunk and giddy, and we would simply pick up fish and place in our baskets taking only what was needed for the next few days. 

My work ethics have been molded and shaped with these early experiences and id not realize back then, the possible impact they would have on my life.  How grateful I am to have been exposed to the wisdom of a very important senior in my life. Today, I wish to help seniors during a very important time in their lives and it is with this passion I switched my career to downsizing seniors.

On a professional basis, I obtained a Master's Degree, as a single parent, spent a few years in the military and have worked many years for some of the top law corporations in California.  With the belief that self development is a continuous process, I have taken many classes to develop myself spiritually, physically and intellectually. 

Being a resource to the community through seminars is one of my pleasures.  I teach probate avoidance, senior relocation preparation, short sale/foreclosure avoidance (with certifications in all mentioned)  and even health subjects. I am an "unofficial" member of the Mayor's Aging Council in Riverside.

Truly, I love the fulfillment experienced when helping the elderly and I know that my grandmother would be proud of me were she still living.

Lastly, my childhood memories have cemented in my brain the importance of good healthy living and if you referred to me as the Health Nut Realtor, you would not be overstepping your boundary!  I love yoga, taichi, hiking, dancing, running, camping,  natural healing, and "self" development and improvement.   I believe of course in being physically fit at any age, as well.

Senior in their 80's celebrate their zest for life!

Senior in their 80's celebrate their zest for life!


Certifications in 55Plus Market:  SRES (Senior Real Estate Services; Probate Certified; Short Sale Certified; Veteran Serving Veterans


Masters in Business; Toastmasters Awards


Location Team creation to fit client's needs; 15 years of real estate legal support; Resource; Lunch and Lean Seminar speaker; Negotiate with lenders regarding real estate loans; Type 95 wpm; great English Grammar skills; combined probate and legal skills for a indepth analysis of client's situation; short sale skills, veterans expertise.

Louise C.
I am 93 years old. My daughter introduced me to Concetta who had recently downsized my daughter's mother in law who is 94. Concetta has been a great addition to my support team. She listens to me carefully and I feel very cared for when she is around me. My family has basically just given her complete trust because I have had to move out of my home to a retirement center and my daughter is too sick to help right now. Thank you Concetta, you are the best!
Just sold a rental condo in Colton, CA through Concetta Germain at Keller Williams Realty. Concetta made the experience ouch-less. It was done so quickly, smoothly and professionally, it was over and done with. I am very impressed with her expertise and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. During our interaction, I noticed the way she handled her senior clients. She is truly amazing!
S. Covington
I am a senior and I recently acquired a property through a trust. Concetta was referred to be my attorney. Wow! I could not believe the way she handled the transaction. Her communication was fantastic, she was prompt, always did what she said she’d do. And she actually negotiated with the lender to reduce the amounts owed so that I could have some money in my pocket after these many months of taking care of the property. She went above and beyond and that was really appreciated. Ms. Covington