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Virginia Beach , VA 23451

Producer/President/CEO Yellow Ape Productions Former DiRextor of Sales for

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Formerly, Ethan E. Marten:  Director, Content Sales, Director of Business Development

Ethan Marten has been responsible for the development, sale and placement of video content in its various forms, including commercial, residential, rental and vacation rental property tours, professional profile videos, business overviews, interactive display ads and video display ads.

Ethan's entrepreneurial spirit and media experience have prepared him well in helping to envision the future of digital motion media and ever pushing the envelope of its production, presentation and distribution.  Along with the REX team, Ethan has helped to create the blueprint for this dynamic and interactive media for business enterprises of all sizes.  Soon, "Any Screen, Anywhere, Any time" will be more than a catchy tagline for REX MotionMedia.

Some of Ethan's professional accomplishments include directing the sales, marketing and public relations for Atlantic Studios, Virginia's first full-service motion picture studio.  He helped promote the arrangement that brought the $20 million dollar motion picture, "Navy Seals", to the studio.  As a movie distributor at Atlantic Entertainment, Ethan helped arrange for the sales and distribution of motion pictures with Hugh Grant, Julie Andrews, Ann-Margaret, Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave, Brooke Shields and Anthony Perkins.  His promotional work has been seen in Reuters, AP, The Daily News, The New York Post, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight and Time Magazine.

Ethan's work in pioneering new technologies for media has served him well.  The motion picture company he co-founded, Star Circle Pictures, was the first in the world to complete a motion picture project with Panasonic's AG HVX 200 High Definition Video Camera.  This enabled the crew to shoot without the use of film or tape.  That coupled with Pre-Visualization software creating animated storyboards foretold the streamlined approach Ethan would later help apply to REX MotionMedia.

As an Independent Actor/Producer, Ethan has won numerous awards, including Best Picture for the technologically groundbreaking motion picture short, "Samaritan", in NY; a Best Picture award for "Player's Joy", and a two Best Actor awards -- one in LA and a Best Actor in a Foreign Film in Rome for his starring role in "Revolver".

While establishing business relationships with major agencies in NY and Chicago, Ethan has delivered millions of dollars of direct, local sales to his various print, radio and television sales projects.  In his work as a top account executive with Hampton Roads AM Radio Newstalk stations, WNIS/WTAR, Ethan brought in more than $3 million in direct sales.

Ethan co-founded and published OnStage Magazine, a Southeastern Virginia arts and entertainment magazine.  Among his many duties for the publication was directing all print sales.  Ethan grew the magazine into a successful bi-monthly before being bought out seven years later.

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