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I started researching the 1031 tax law in business school in 2004. As a real estate and finance junkie, the new investment 1031 opportunities were fascinating. However, as I started looking into pursuing a 1031 transaction as a personal investor, it was a bit scary. These are big dollars that we're talking about, and all the players were quite new. There were no big name-brand financial companies that with whom I had worked before and that I knew I could count on. Such is life in a new market, and after researching the market for several years now, I am seeing some really impressive providers emerge. I do think the 1031 transactions are attractive and powerful options and my hope is that this website helps provide investors the data and transparency they need.

A 1031 exchange, and its many variants (1031 tenants-in-common, 1031-721 REIT, 1031-121, 1031-reverse exchange, etc.) offer real estate investors powerful options to defer capital gains tax, eliminate active management responsibilities, change risk profiles, etc. There are a lot of advantages offered by 1031 transactions! However, a 1031 exchange does not come without risk. As with any new industry, it is difficult for an investor discern the reputable 1031 professional from the fly-by-night huckster. To help address this problem, we have created resources to help an investor evaluate a 1031 registered representative, 1031 sponsor, qualified intermediary (QID), attorneys specialized in 1031s. We also created a forum for investors to rate and comment on their experience with specific individuals and firms, so you can get the benefit of people's collective wisdom. This only works if you get involved. We need you to actively express your feedback in our ratings and comments so that a new 1031 investor can feel comfortable choosing a 1031 professional to work with. We love feedback, so please send us a note with your thoughts as to how we can make this a better resource for you.

I author two sites:

1031reviews (http://1031reviews.com) An "epinions" site so that investors can rate 1031 TIC sponsors and QIDs

Nestegginvesting (http://www.nestegginvesting.com, http://www.1031industrynews.com):  An overview of different variants of the 1031 transaction, how to perform a transaction, etc


More of an academic than a real estate practioner. Performed graduate research on the new 1031 tax laws and impacts on real estate investors and am an active personal investor.