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I am here to make life more enjoyable for people buying and selling in the Shelby and Jefferson Countues in Alabama. If a profesional advocate is what you want I'm here. 205-229-9898

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I have been around real estate for years with my mother, mother-in-law, cousins and wife all being agents. So, I made the move from the construction field to realestate because I saw how much they enjoyed working with people as well as just meeting new people. It is amazing the friends we end up with when we are done with a good transaction.

I am very outgoing and persistant. If you tell me you want something I will work on it until you have obtained what you asked for or  you are tired of me trying. I have always been this way. It gets on my wifes nerves. When I am working on something, that is what my mind is on. I am a numbers person too. I run numbers in my head for hours trying to see how I can make something work for a client. I have calculaters in the truck, in the office, in the house and usually in my pocket. If an individual wants a piece of land or specific type of home that is when my wife will really go insane because it becomes a type of adventure for me.

My support is my love, my wife who is also my Broker. We enjoy being close, however we do our own things more or less when it comes to realestate. She has hers and I have mine. (Until it hits the bank account)  We have a beautiful daughter who has even become quite the critic on how a sign looks in the front yard of a house or if the yard is not cut she will say that house will not sell because it is sloppy looking. It is running in the family for sure.    

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The general area that I focuse on is the Shelby County, Alabama. In saying that I am more focused on the areas of North Shelby down Hwy 280 through the Chelsea , Sterrett , Westover, Vincent , Wilsonville and Columbiana. I keep an "Eye" on all of Shelby county but I do daily research on the homes and land in the 280 corridor areas that I have named.

When it comes to doing a market analysis I run numbers consistantly to make sure my market analysis is accurate.

I try to assist my sellers and buyers by giving them knowledge of the market they are in.

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