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COMMISSION EXPRESS® provides real estate agents with commission advances up to 90 days before closing. All you need to get started is a signed contract free of contingencies, except for financing!

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Commission Express provides real estate professionals, agents and brokers, a means of accessing capital by leveraging their unproductive assets - their receivables. We are a receivable factor - we purchase your pending commission receivables at a a discount and provide you a commission advance as a first installment on that purchase. When you deal closes, we give you a second installment and retain our discount fee. I am the General Manager of Commission Express Platinum, a franchise of the largest commission advance franchise system in the United States. Commission Express has been in operation for over 15 years nationally and is a proven model for agents and brokers to accelerate their cash flow without harming their credit while evening out the peaks and valleys of the real estate market.

Real estate agents are unique small businesses - they require capital to operate their business but are viewed as sales professionals by banks and not worthy of lines of credit like other small business people. But making a sale is expensive - marketing the listing, staging homes, marketing your business, paying for MLS access, paying desk fees, transportation - it adds up quickly! Commission Express is able to provide agents (and brokers) the security they need to keep their business momentum going between sales. The agent's inventory (their commission receivable on pending transactions) is a valuable asset which we are happy to convert to a commission advance quickly - often within a day of applying to us. You can use that money to reinvest in your business and relieve your cash flow pressures.

Once your have a pending transaction that has cleared its contingencies (sale of another home, inspection), then come to our website and Create an Account and you will be on your way to realizing your earnings today. For more information about our service you can read our FAQs. Our process is very simple: requires documentation on the transaction, some signed agreeements, and a couple of due dilligence calls by our office. Then you can receive up to 82% of your pending commission in a commission advance today and another 10% of your commission when it settles on time. We even give you a 30 day grace period after the expected settlement date to close your transaction - giving you the peace of mind that if the closing date slides a bit, you won't have to pay more for your advance.

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