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When purchasing a home, a buyer isn't just buying a house, they are buying a lifestyle.  Home Stagers objectively dress your home to apeal to a wide range of people while creating an emotional connection. 

Home staging is showing your home with its best features forward, making the first impression its best, in order to bring you a quick sale at the best price. At the same time, home staging can help highlight your home's unique features and make even unfinished or "forgotten" areas look their best.

Home staging is the process of preparing any home for sale by rearranging furniture, reducing clutter, adding a fresh coat of paint, or making high-impact repairs.

Home staging is not about tearing out kitchen cupboards or doing major renovations. It is about highlighting and showcasing the existing features of your home, so buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Staging is a simple and inexpensive investment in your home to secure its equity.

Before you reduce your asking price by $5k or $10k - Invest in a home stager.  For a minimal investment of $200-$400,
you could keep that money in your pocket.  What have you got to lose?

From a 2003 HomeGain Survey of 2,000 real estate agents: Moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80 - $2,800 made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold

Forbes, 2002 Referred to as "the dream weavers of the real estate world" "House Fluffers" can take a home and turn it into another house entirely often in a matter of days! Decorating your house to sell, also called Home Staging or House Fluffing, will help you sell in record time and get top dollar for your home.


How effective is home staging?

Coldwell Banker Realty tracked 2,772 properties, ranging in price from $229,000 (U.S.) to $4.8 million, in eight major U.S. cities. It found that while the average home was on the market for nearly 31 days, the typical staged home sold in just under 14 days. While the average home sold for a mere 1.6% over the seller's asking price, the staged homes went for a hefty 6.3% more.
(April/May 2005 issue of MoneySense magazine)

What does this mean ?

Staged homes sell twice as fast, and for 3-6% increase in equity.


Allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house Minimize the stress of the selling process Maximize appeal to the largest potential buyer population Showcase the space and features of the house Staging provides a huge edge over the competition in a competitive real estate market Provide excellent return on the investment in your house Pictures or print ads and internet look terrific. As more and more buyers shop online first, before ever taking the time to see your home in person

Homes that show well are shown more!


Would you rather buy this?  or this?


How about this?  or this?


A professionally staged home, is a house that's Dressed for Success. I offer verbal, written and hands on staging consultations. I don't sell homes, I help homes sell!