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Austin , TX

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Mobile and text message (SMS) marketing designed for the real estate space.

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Place a sign with an AdCode along with your existing sign. Upon texting your unique and customizeable AdCode to 88000, customers instantly receive property details, your contact information and a link to the mobile-friendly flier with photos and all your other listings. You are then notified via text and/or email with their phone number for follow up. Start a dialog by phone or text - All within seconds!

DriveBuy customers in 48 states are:

• Generating new leads 24 hours a day - integrated right into Top ProducerTM and Outlook!

• Engaging prospects while they're still on site and interested in your listing

• Going green by eliminating wasteful flier boxes and reducing gas used filling them ... not to mention the time and energy

• Posting their listings to Twitter with the click of a button

• Staying ahead of their competitors using cutting edge technology and eco-savvy marketing

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You can also try out a demo right now from your phone. Send a text message to the number 88000 with the message body HOME4.