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Affiliated with RE/MAX First Choice in Baltimore, MD and Team Leader of Team McDevitt Real Estate, I have been involved in the Real Estate business for over ten years. In 2006, I personally went through a divorce that altered my life and caused me to become a distressed home owner. At that time there were no where near as many possibilities as there are today.


I personally understand the stress and anxiety that come with the foreclosure process. That experience instilled an unmatched passion in me to assist home owners and help them through the process. I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


In today’s very turbulent economic times when financial ruin seems inevitable and foreclosure or bankruptcy seem to be the only answer for a home owner in distress. Dan McDevitt, “The Home Owner Super Hero,” and Team McDevitt are the Foreclosure Alternative Experts that you want by your side. My team of Short Sale Specialists can help you if you are behind on your mortgage payments or if your home is worth less than what you owe on it and you need help understanding your options.


There are a many different organizations that agents can work with to get short sale training but absolutely none of them compare to the Distressed Property Institute and the CDPE designation. Along with the certification that I earned from CDPE, the top distressed property certification in the country and the degree that I received from the school of hard knocks there is little doubt that I am one of the most educated Short Sale agents in the Baltimore market.


Short sales are the ultimate win-win for the borrower and the lender. Short sales are more beneficial to a lender than a foreclosure because they are not in the business of managing and owning property and short sales are less expensive than completing the foreclosure process. Short sales are more beneficial to the borrower because they don’t end up with a foreclosure on their record, they avoid the humiliation of  foreclosure, their credit is effected much less than it is with a foreclosure and in most cases the upside down debt is completely erased


My Team of Short Sale Specialists has negotiated and closed over 200 short sales since 2008 with loan servicers such as American Home Mortgage, Chase, Citi Bank, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, Lendmark Financial, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, Bogman Inc, National City, HSBC, Countrywide, Met Life, Suntrust, Nationstar, First Horizon, M&T and several local credit unions.


On top of the successful negotiation with loan services we have also successfully negotiated thousands of dollars in past due Home Owner Association and Condo fees down to pennies on the dollar. These negotiations have allowed distressed home owners to complete the short sale and also avoid potential law suits from the different associations.


I also realize that for some people it is important to do everything that they can to keep their home and they may not want to consider a short sale. For that reason I have also compiled as much helpful information on my FORECLOSURE SOLUTIONS page and my FAQ page to give you more of your available options. I have also put together a survey page for you to see if you would qualify for some of the Government programs that are available, just CLICK HERE.   I am assuming that you have lots of questions and I have lots of answers. I am providing you with over 25 FREE REPORTS to explain your options and help you decide on a course of action. These FREE REPORTS cover everything from "The Differences Between Short Sale And Foreclosure" to "Avoiding Mortgage Modification Fraud" to "The Hidden Costs Of Bankruptcy."

I specialize in Short Sale properties. As a listing agent in a short sale transaction it is extremely important to be experienced in these transactions. Unfortunately, way too many agents claim to be "Short Sale Specialists" when they have actually no idea what they are doing at all. Short Sales are a completely different animal than any other type of transaction. If helping someone sell a home under normal circumstances is like a pet poodle then helping someone short sale their home is like a rabies infested angry pit bull.

I believe that without a doubt short sales should be regulated and as an agent you should need special licensing not just to work with sellers but also with buyers on a short sale. Way too many agents work with buyers and pretend to know exactly how short sales work. When an uneducated agent works with a buyer and attempts to explain the process they become a fountain of misinformation to the buyer and can end up costing a buyer a home they actually really like. On top of that they can be detrimental to the transaction itself.

A distressed home owner that is attempting to avoid foreclosure by getting a short sale approved on their home is most likely working through one of the most stressful situations financially and emotionally in their life. They deserve to have people working with them that are professionally qualified to assist them. An agent that lists a short sale under the assumption that they will "work through the learning curve" with that client is both reckless and irresponsible professionally and morally.