Cynthia Sellers, MLS Website Development (Cedar Grove Design)

P.O. Box 290

Rutledge , TN 37861

Cedar Grove Design offers graphics, websites, and website improvements.

Get to know Cynthia Sellers

We are a husband/wife team.  Lewis Sellers III is a software programmer/analyst.  Cynthia Sellers is a graphics and website designer, freelance photographer and writer, and SEO marketeer. We're two highly motivated people who enjoy working together and helping others be found and find expression on the www.

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We specialize in databases, ecommerce, and other interactivity.  We have add-on site tools such as (CMS) Content Management Systems, blogs, galleries, slideshows, live chat...WE custom design code to fit the need; pretty much you name it, we can do it.  We offer (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, website marketing, and ads management.