Ricky Finkbeiner (Energy Master)

#5 Collins Industrial Place

North Little Rock , AR 72113

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I am the owner of a heating and air company called Energy Master Home, Inc. in North Little Rock, AR.

Get to know Ricky Finkbeiner

Energy Master Home is a heating and air company and home energy efficiency company that specializes in building science techniques to help you reduce energy bills. We do complete home energy audits that includes a thorough house plan analysis, thermal testing, and blower door testing to find invisible air leaks in your home.


Our crawlspace encapsulation service will deliver a variety of benefits that will help extend the life of your home, make your home more comfortable, and reduce your energy bills.

Crawlspace encapsulation can reduce or eliminate nasty smells that seep through the floor that come from stale unventilated air. It will reduce humidity and water that can create a breading ground for mold, bugs, and critters.

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