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Welcome to Entrances Home Staging! We have years of experience in the field of Real Estate sales and marketing. Our mission is to bring credibility and professionalism to the Home Staging industry.

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I've changed my image!  I put my pretty pic in here because in my normal, everyday life as a home stager and comedic entertainer, NO ONE would ever believe this is really me.  So, you get the STAGED me and I'm here to tell you, it's quite an improvement.  THIS ALONE should vouch for the power of staging.

(Sort of reminds me of a recent controversial blog I read.....hmmmm.......)

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Home Staging is an industry that is truly in its infancy.  As with all new concepts, it requires fine tuning. Entrances Home Staging LLC was formed with the mission to set standards for professionalism, technological advancement and ethical practices for the home staging industry.  Our goal is to expand our business concept on a nationwide level, building a network of talented stagers, so that the industry earns the credibility it deserves.

Entrances Home Staging was founded by a group of experienced and talented individuals whose combined sales, real estate and design experience exceeds 60 years.  Our staff are eager to assist you, providing you with an action plan that, when implemented, will have your home ready to sell for the maximum return on your investment.   Call us today!

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