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Essentials Home Staging will ensure your client's home creates that invaluable Positive First Impression! Get the competitive edge to close deals faster & for more money.

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    Homes that create a sense of urgency will win over the potential home buyer.

We've all toured a Builder's Model Home.  They are warm, comfortable and inviting and we can easily envision ourselves living there.  These are examples of well Staged homes.  However, homes don't have to be new to have a Wow factor.  

Staging any home, big or small and regardless of price, creates that Wow factor and a sense of urgency to purchase.

Leave the essentials to Lori. 

Your time is valuable!

Let Lori manage your client's household needs for you.

This will allow you more time to focus on acquiring more listings and the selling of homes, instead of worrying how (or if) a client's home will be "Show Ready" when necessary.

 Occupied or Vacant, each home has unique requirements.  Essentials Home Staging will work with you and your clients by assessing their specific needs to sell your listings faster, & for more money.

 Do you have a home listed that sits empty?  Potential home buyers have difficulty envisioning living in a vacant home.  Most people cannot get the flow or feel of the room without seeing furniture in them.  As all new home builders have learned, furnishing these homes is essential to creating that "want to be lived in" feeling!  Let us show you how to create one!

 Real Estate agents show the homes with the highest sale potential.  I will work hard to ensure your client's home is one of them.

A Buyer's Market- 

If you've noticed the market slowing down, essentials Home Staging can help. 

With more inventory for Buyers to choose from, staging will set your clients home apart from other competition in their price point, or worse, in their very neighbourhood or on the same street.  Your client may also become frustrated that their home has not sold as fast as they anticipated.  Having your house for sale is a very inconvenient way to live, and the Seller becomes more anxious with every day and week that passes without a good offer.

 Essentials Home Staging can give you the competitive edge to close deals faster.

Do you want to set yourself apart from the other realtors?

Ask me about the Essentials Client Rebate Program.  It will really show your clients you have a vested interest in selling their home faster & for more money.

 Essentials Home Staging will ensure your client's homes create that invaluable Positive First Impression.

 Essentials for a Well Staged home

Essentials Home Staging will provide your clients with a professional evaluation of their home in order that it will present itself the way a potential homebuyer will critique it. 

This will also eliminate you from having the sometimes sensitive and unpleasant topics addressed with a homeowner in order to sell their home.

Essentials Home Staging clients will receive a comprehensive Home Assessment during our consultation.  This detailed guide will help them assess from the Front Curb and Room by Room how to Highlight the Best Features, and Downplay the Less Attractive ones.   

Each client will also receive an "essentials & Tips for a Successful Open House" fact sheet, so their home will be "Show Ready".   

The essentials Home Assessment Consultation determines the following: 

-Focal point in the room/area

-Room flow and function

-Furniture placement/arrangement  (hands on if client is open to it)

-Assessment of all personal affects  (cupboards, closets etc also included)

-Maintenance requirements (repairs etc)


-Styling of accessories  (bookshelves, mantels, table tops etc -hands on if client is open to suggestions)

-Paint colour recommendations

-Storage recommendations/solutions

-Showing suggestions ("essentials & Tips for a Successful Open House" fact sheet)

The initial consultation fee (up to 2 hours) is $250.00.

 Essentials Home Staging can provide assistance to complete any of the tasks necessary to prepare their home for sale.  (Furniture Rentals,Tradespeople, Storage, Personal Shopping, etc)   Once the home assessment is completed, the homeowner determines what they can manage to complete, or use our assistance. 

An hourly rate is charged ($100.00 per hour) for all services provided post the 2 hour Consultation.

 Homes that Show well are shown more often by other Realtors. Using a Professional Home Stager on a consistent basis will gain you a Reputation for representing the Best Value for any home you list, regardless of price!

When you're ready to learn more about all the essentials services we can provide you and your clients, please call Lori at (519) 954-6146.



With over 25 years in the Beauty business, Lori is passionate about What Brings Beauty to Our Lives and making customer's look and feel their very best. As a former National Buyer/Director in Health & Beauty products for a large Canadian Food Retailer, Lori is very results oriented.  Excellent presentation and organizational skills, with a sharp eye for detail, Lori effectively collaborates to deliver individual, customized results. 

A graduate of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Course from internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould, Lori brings her decorating and merchandising skills to you.

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