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Insurance Services - Homeowners, Auto, Renters, Condo, Business, Workers Comp, Umbrella, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Annuities and much more

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Over 17 years in the insurance business in the greater Charlottesville area has taught me that the most important skill I have attained is the ability to listen!  I believe that in order to be an effective agent I must first know what it is that I'm trying to protect and what a client's attitudes are towards insurance.   Are you someone who likes to understand every aspect of your policy or would you rather not be bothered and would simply prefer recommendations?  Do you feel better if you know you have high level of coverage?  A thorough evaluation of existing assets, potential risks and any unique concerns will help me determine what products may be best suited.  Whether it be your home, auto, life, business, or toys such as motorhome or boats,  I can provide guidance and information to help you make an informed decision!

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Although I can assist most anyone, I particularly enjoy helping people who have substantial assets because it's alarming how often I find that they are not properly protected.  As a safe rule-of-thumb, if you reside in Virginia, it's a good idea to have more liability in place than you have in personal assets.  Protecting high level assets and future earning potential can be accomplished with proper umbrella coverage and careful planning through a variety of life insurance products.  It's all too often that I replace existing policies that would have left much of the financial picture unprotected and at risk, simply because the proper questions were never asked, or the needs have changed.

The other set of people that I get particular satisfaction from helping is the first time home buyer or client who is starting a new business.  There's just so much to know and it can be overwhelming!  I try my best to provide my clients with a thorough understanding of what's important, and what lies ahead as life gets more complex or the business grows.

The products I offer are limitless.  I have homeowners, condo, renters, landlord, automobile, motorcycle, motorhome, mobile home, boat, life, annuities, umbrella, workmans comp and business insurance.  For coverages such as health insurance  I have other companies such as Anthem, Golden Rule,  and Mutual of Omaha.   I'm also able to offer many different coverages such as Medicare Suppliments, Long Term Care (LTC) policies and have markets such as Progressive for heavy dump trucks or larger trucks that are designated as "For Hire"  If it's not on the list, ask me!  I even offer Equine Insurance!!