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Get to Know Michelle Molinari

Feature This... Real Estate Staging and  Interior Decor  is family-owned and operated Design, Decorating, and Staging Team With over 40 years combined experience, creating savvy solutions for residential spaces. 

As Certified Professional Stagers, the "Feature This... " Staging Team will transform your "well-loved home" into an highly desirable and marketable commodity. The result of employing the effective tools and concepts of Real Estate Staging puts more of your equity in your  pocket faster. 

A lukewarm buyer doesn't feel any urgency to make an offer, and often bids lower than you expected or needed. When the buyer is completely smitten with your property, they place a bid quickly and are more likely to offer the asking price.

 Their  expertise is evident and proven in creating an irresistable ambiance that sell fast and sell without painful price reductions. 

In conjunction with a wise and proactive Real Estate Agent, these professional stagers know exactly how to reveal the most potential your home has to offer to your target buyers. 





The clientele of "Feature This.." are Sellers and RealEstate Agents who truly desire to realize  maximum equity in the shortest period of time. 

While located in Louisiana, this staging company has mastered the art of consulting online, and their clients are all over the U.S. and in Canada.

No matter where you are, the Feature This Team can help  get your house sold!










Local Real Estate Staging Service, with Curb Appeal Consulting and Conceptual Staging throughout North America.