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Cathy Dick
Final Touch Designs, Inc. in Roanoke VA
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Get to Know Cathy Dick

My interest in Home Staging became apparent when I began taking Interior Design classes a few years ago.  Both talents require an excellent eye - both being an ART in themselves. Only now have I been able to pursue my dreams and create a business around what I truly love to do, and what I've done on the side for many years.  Final Touch Designs is the icing on the cake - the final touch before selling your home or the final touch to defining your personality within your home or office.  So begins the birth of a new company that offers you Home Staging, Redesign, and Organizational services with that creative flare.  We are now a green business and always offer sustainable concepts and materials in all of our designing projects.

I grew up in Arizona where my parents and I spent many weekends walking through model homes.  Remember those great looking models that almost every home development company had?  I would sneak around when the agents were busy and take photos of things I liked and things that intrigued me.  Throughout the years I've used those ideas to help friends and neighbors construct and style their homes while I lived in Alaska.  In Homer, where I spent 20 long years, you can enjoy the long 22 hour days in the summer while enduring the short 5 hour days in the peak of winter.  You would be amazed with things you could accomplish during the summer months!  I believe the long dark winters may contribute to reasons I enjoy helping people to express themselves through light and color.  People are never shy about wearing bright colors, but when it comes to their homes, most people tend to go with the norm and simplify their use of color.  When you have a great eye for color, it becomes part of your daily life; colors are a necessary and emotional part of every person.  It's the association - not the colors - that elicits the responses we have to them.  Colors can open up a whole new world of emotions, fantasies, and expressions.  The world is my palate.

Another of my talents is in organizing, i.e. space clearing, purging, de-cluttering.  I was born to organize and I share many tips of the trade daily with co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.   Like a good massage, being organized can reduce a lot of stress that life constantly places on our shoulders.  I help people prioritize the "treasures" they've collected over the years--and that of their parents and children--and make sense of it all.  What do you keep, store, give away, and throw away?  It can be so incredibly overwhelming when you're moving out of a home or into a new one because most people just don't know where to begin.  Since I began studying Feng Shui, I have learned to apply it to organizing.  With each simple step you can become more organized to free yourself to really enjoy life instead of "reacting" to it!

Final Touch Designs hopes to reach out to many homeowners who want to put their homes on the market to sell quickly.  We also want to help people who are moving into new homes in need of help in defining their personality - with color choices or de-cluttering their homes and their lives.  Give us a call if you live in Roanoke or its surrounding area.  We look forward to working with you and sharing our creative ideas.

We also hope to reach out to others in the community by providing training workshops on various subjects.  Please check out our website to see what we offer under the Training tab on the menu bar.


At Final Touch Designs, we do everything from assisting home sellers in preparing their homes beautifully in order to facilitate a faster, more profitable sale, to assisting home buyers in adding their own character and personality to their spaces, and assisting anyone who wants to become and stay more organized in their home or place of business.  We offer many other great services as well.   

Why did we decide to start up a business such as this?  Well, because we've been doing this sort of thing for many, many years.  After awhile, it simply becomes a passion - to help others make their homes look fantastic!  There is a sixth sense that designers have that is not learned, it comes from within.  When you "have it", you know it and everyone around you knows it.  There are few times when I've walked into a room without seeing its potential.  To someone like me, every room in every home takes on a personality of its own that is reflected by the contents of the homeowner.  I began this business because I LOVE this business!


We help home sellers beautifully prepare their homes to facilitate a faster, more profitable sale. We also help home buyers add personality, character, and style to their homes. Live with color!