Dave Kohl, Real Estate Advertising & Marketing Expert (First In Promotions)

6321 W. Dempster #260

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Real estate related advertising and marketing services and consulting.

Get to know Dave Kohl


Even after 30 years of real estate and related marketing and advertising, I continue to be amazed at the process of marketing properties and the individuals that make up the real estate community.


Serving as Marketing Director at First In Promotions (http://www.Firstin.com ) since its inception in 1992 has allowed me to steer our many partnerships.


It's a busy time right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Being a part of the experience of promoting "VIRTUAL REALITY FOR REAL ESTATE" to luxury agents, builders, developers, general contractors, and seasoned real estate investors is a wonderful teaching and learning experience.


Helping realty agents to more effectively work with real estate investors, as well as to find their own investment deals, is rewarding.


Enabling real estate professionals to utilize video marketing to attract people to their web site and produce low cost property videos is challenging but fun.


My love of teaching shines with www.ChicagoRealEstateWorkshop.com

and producing and hosting a variety of networking events and seminars.


I still enjoy helping brokers and investors to market and promote unique properties and developments, using a combination of web site content, social media, digital brochures, video, and outside advertising campaigns.


In addition, I make it a habit to review new business proposals on Friday afternoons.





Served as Marketing Director for First In Promotions Inc. since 1992, after serving in the same capacity for (then) sister company First In Communications since 1984.




Among his most significant projects over the years are handling direct response for Re/Max of Texas' Houston TV Home Showcase show; updating the weekly Open House Hotline list for an official publication of the Los Angeles Assn. of Realtors; the "Real Estate Buyers Hotline" toll-free telephone property description feature which instantly transferred thousands of potential buyers to the listing agents; and providing audio descriptions of properties advertised in Premier Real Estate Magazine in CT.




In addition, Kohl was the teacher of two courses over seven semesters at Columbia College Chicago. He has also served on its Alumni Board of Directors, along with several Chamber of Commerce committees, and is a past Affiliates Director for the former Los Angeles CCIM Chapter.





Chosen "Business Person of the Year" for 1990 by Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce!


Real estate and mortgage advertising and marketing

Market Research

Media and Public Speaking Coaching

Audio and Video Presentation Narration

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