Joseph Arroyo (FIT Money Management)

Chesapeake , VA 23320

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We are a community committed to continual learning and accountability in our pursuit of three "FIs". Financial Integrity, Financial Intelligence, Financial Independence.

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I am a Dave Ramsey trained Financial Coach and the founder of FIT MONEY MANAGEMENT. My passion is educating and helping others learn the truth about how money works through age old wisdom and time tested principles, not through fads and trends.


I know from personal experience the consequences improper money management. During the "wealth building" frenzy of the past decade I built a large portfolio of investment properties, residential developments, and income properties based on the false premises of good debt and the false promises of leveraged growth.


However, time revealed that the old truths of debt elimination and patient growth would have better served my family and I. As the market slid into recession my assets became liabilities and my ability to borrow my way to wealth evaporated.


The truth is that debt is suffocating! The Bible puts it this way in Proverbs 22:7; "The borrower is servant to the lender." I could not agree more. I have all the right titles and accomplishments on my resume that say I should know something about money. None of those accolades or designations taught me to learn from the wisdom of scripture and the generations that came before us. I have made it my mission in life to live by that wisdom and teach and train as many others as I can how to do the same.


The good news is that in doing this I don't have to create any new truths or reveal any great secrets. Much of the wisdom on how to handle money correctly was revealed by God and my grandfather. We just have to dig it out and apply it to our own time and culture. The methods may have changed but the principles have not.


As a Mortgage Banker for Fulton Bank, I have the privilege of working with many different families on their personal finances and helping them make the right decisions when it comes to their mortgage, often the largest financial decision of their lifetime.


You might ask why someone who has such a distaste for debt would be a residential lender. The reason is simple: the ultimate goal of Fit Money Management is Financial Independence. Until we own our home free and clear we are in debt for one of our most basic necessities: shelter. When it comes to housing you are either in debt to a bank or in debt to landlord. One of the advantages to homeownership is that a mortgage allows for the incremental pay-down of debt, a patient, steady march toward financial independence.


Joe currently resides in Chesapeake, VA with his wife and three kids, Chloe, Joey and Hudson.. His wife of 9 years is an instructor at the YMCA and when not working with one of their kids she assist sJoe in every aspect of his business.



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