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Upix Media Group is a specialized marketing firm dedicated to the needs of the Real Estate industry.

Get to know Todd Bellhorn

Upix Media Group is a service that specializes in real estate marketing concepts. That’s all we do! By keeping it simple and to the point we can focus on making concepts of the highest quality at a cost that doesn’t exceed any marketing budget. Our ability to make stand out marketing pieces stems from our experience in marketing the real estate industry. We have a good idea of what makes the buyer happy and how you can gain credibility with potential clients before you even meet. We make it our goal to make your marketing process as easy as possible. Why spend hours creating a marginal media when you could be spending hours doing what you do best, buying and selling homes.  


Upix Media's signature mareketing concept is the FLYER PANTRY. Argubly the best, most wonderful, time saving, awesome marketing asset every Realtor should have access to. The FLYER PANTRY is loaded with Flyer templates that are so easy to create.  Simply insert your photos and listing information and you're done! 

NO software to learn. 

NO software to buy.  All templates are in PDF format. 




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