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Seattle real estate radio, Real Estate Now provides current and useful information for buyers and sellers. Sponsored by Guild Mortgage, Vestus, Eastside Funding, Invest Now, Intrust Funding, REAPS...

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Out of a desire to make available the most up to date, pertinent Seattle real estate news on a local level, the host compiled local business he has either done business with or knows personally to rely on for their expertise. The host stands by the credibility of each of the sponsors and experts and encourages you to do business with them above all others in their field. About the HostJack Burns' involvement in many media and real estate based endeavors ranges from writing and producing, commentating, actin and sales and marketing to investor relations, pre-foreclosures, freclosures and real estate investing.Burns' diverse background adds a refreshing and sometimes humorous look at current real estate events and brings out the best in industry expert interviewees. Jack's real estate experience began in 2004 and has since been intense and extensive. Jack prides himself in knowing a little about a lot of things and being open to expert opinions.

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Our goal is to help people involved in real estate to make wise decisions. The current times are ripe for getting into real estate at a low point. This is how wealth is made. We hope to educate listeners about the market and how to buy and finance property in various ways.

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