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For sale by owner inc. is looking to refer our home owners to agents in markets across the U.S. & Canada. (30 day trial)

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There are 6 main components to what our company offers that set us apart from all others:  

Enhanced Marketing-We post to all major real estate web portals including Yahoo, Google and several others. (Combined traffic is in the millions of unique visitors every month).  Our Outstanding BBB Ranking A+ (Formerly E-openhouse.com) No Risk- Our money back guarantee provides peace of mind to sale by owners knowing they have made a secure and sound investment.  Convenience-Our open house tours free up owners' time from having to physically show each home themselves.   Real Time Editing-We work one on one with each client in real time online to ensure each tour is exactly the way they want it. Safety-Once your tour is complete it is condensed into a hyperlink (which is your address). This hyperlink contains all information a prospective buyer may need to know. You can e-mail them the link, which spares you from having to invite strangers into your home.     There is just a one-time fee until the home sells. No hidden fees. You don't pay until all work is completed to your satisfaction. 


For Sale By Owner Inc. has been in business for just over 10 years without 1 complaint registered with the BBB.

We specialize in working with sale by owner clients as well as Realtors for our referal business.

We operate across the U.S., Canada & the Caribean.

As agents well know, the challenge with listing FSBOs is that they want to remain on their own as long as possible (without agent assistance). My program is designed to help owners sell on their own with the understanding that 85% or more will not be able to, and eventually need to list with a Realtor.   To participate in the program we only ask all our agents to refund our money back guarantee of $199.00 to the home owner only when the property actually sells. This is paid back @ closing. Therefore agents risk nothing.   Highlights of the program:   Exclusive referral rights to all FSBOs in your market that have tried our service and decide to list. We are the only sale by owner company that calls home owners every day directly. This program saves agents thousands in wasted advertising dollars trying to stand out to sale by owners. Realtors simply email every new fsbo's info. in their market to us so we can approach them for you. Our Realtors can listen in on our sales reps. as they call each home owner to sell our services. (Realtor's quality-assurance) We offer the most affordable program available to for sale by owners for the most marketing reach. We are not a licensed Realtor or broker so participating agents pay no other agent referral fees.  We encourage agents to secure their market with a no-risk 30 day trial for only $30.00.   Put us to work for you and listen in on our calls as we call FSBOs in your market for you and get listings.       Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Simply call me @ 701-205-7475.   We have been in business just over 10 years and look forward to working with you in the near future.    Here is our outstanding A + BBB rating. (formerly E-openhouse)   Sincerely,   Mike Smith CEO/Owner Forsalebyownerinc.com Direct:    701-205-7475
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