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Frank Schulte-Ladbeck
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Get to Know Frank Schulte-Ladbeck

I apologize in advance for breaking what appears to be a taboo, but I will not write about myself in the third person, which seems to be common. I have had a varied career, which has led me on a merry path. Some years ago, while working as a senior manager for a national firm, I was asked to uproot my family to move around the country for no additional pay and no fixed abode. I chose to leave. I started working as an independent business consultant, when I was asked to look over a home that was being worked on. My background in facilities management came in use, and some other people asked if I would help prepare their homes for sale. One client mentioned that I should look into becoming a real estate inspector, and nearly two years ago that became my passion. My good German love of details has served me well, and it has caused me to explore further into my chosen profession. Lately, I have put my B.A. in English Literature to use by writing for my own blog, http://aninspectorslog.wordpress.com , for a community blog on the http:www.HoustonTexasRealEstate.com site, and for the http://www.InvestorNationBlog.com. I have been assisting others with creating ideas for their own work. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you do not sleep.

My true passion in life is my family. By becoming my own boss, I have been able to have the time to be with them, which I did not always geet to do when I was in corporate America. Now I can cook and play with my children, and I even see my wife on occassion (joke).


With a background in a customer service environment, I have focused on providing the customer with what I have he wants. I produce a great deal of material on buying/selling/maintaining a home. Endlessly investigating this topic, I keep improving my material for my clients.

As a senior operations manager, I oversaw the management of various departments: human resources; facilities; inventory; administration; operations; and customer service. I developed spreadsheets for analyzing operations, and other forms to improve business operations. My expertise led me to be responsible for corporate training in MIS, computer management and programs, inventory management, customer service classes, and operations. 

Currently, as mentioned above, I am putting my writing background to good use. Much of my work has been directed to real estate investors, who have been my main business as an inspector. However, I also have been working on producing material in Spanish to assist the Latino community. I am actually passionate about helping those looking at affordable homes. I believe that it is my duty as an inspector to protect my client by providing the best information possible that I can provide, while trying to find ways to help them beyond my immediate contact.


I am a professional real estate inspector who works in the greater Houston area. TREC license number 9073. I also write articles for several sources on inspection and real estate topics.