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Located in the heart of Greeley, Colorado, Virtually yours, is ready to serve businesses and individuals with a variety of administrative and executive services. From general admin tasks to proposal writing and research, Virtually yours has a team that will work for you--with your needs and objectives as their focus!

Owner, Elaine Furister, has a degree in business, and has earned certification as a Certified Administrative Professional (CPS/CAP). She is licensed in financial services and debt-certified. Elaine is a member of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, Business Connections, and the National Association of Professional and Executive Women.

Elaine's passion is in serving the needs of businesses and indivduals---meeting them where they are at--business and career-wise. You will find Elaine working with clients at various career levels and industries, assisting with planning, organizing, and implementing projects that please. Those who know Elaine will tell you she is down-to-earth, efficient, concise, and strives to provide the best services for the clients of Virtually yours! 

Virtually yours offers a free consultation via phone, chat, or in person! Vitual meetings are available for brainstorming and planning your project. The staff at Virtually yours includes Executive Management, Communication, Design and Assessment, Scientific and Technical Writing, Proposals and Research!

Virtually yours is pleased to offer brokers and real-estate agencies customized maps for your clients, ideal for home hunters new to the area!

Virtually yours also offers an array of marketing services, including SEO, and email marketing, technical and scientific writing, and public relations.

Virtually yours is a full service Virtual Assistant Enterprise. Let us know what your needs are--Call or email Elaine to set up an appointment!

Virtually yours works nationwide--We are--virtually, where you are!

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Born a triple-citizen in Philadelphia, bilingual by age 4, and moving too often to develop an accent local to anywhere; Michelle has always viewed the world from the fused lenses of different cultures and languages. In 2005, she was conducting a survey from an old Russian army jeep with an archaeologist from the Kazakh Academy of Sciences 4,000 meters high in the Tien Shen Mountains. As the jeep struggled over the terrain, a herd of wild horses ran across the brilliant green valley ahead. It was at that moment she became forever addicted to exploring the world and embraced life as an urban nomad.

An archaeologist by training, Michelle has worked on over fifty sites and projects in the last decade, including: a Native American settlement in New Jersey, a medieval citadel along the Silk Road near the Syr Darya River, a royal residence of King Henry II in southern England, an Andronovo cemetery in the Tien Shen Mountains, a 17thcentury Kip House on the Hudson River in New York, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tamgaly. In addition, she has taught archaeological field methodology in both the United States and England. Michelle is now pursuing a Ph.D., developing ways to more accurately and precisely reconstruct prehistoric route locations in GIS.

Virtual assistance is a dynamic career that allows Michelle to utilize her skills from anywhere in the world to help others achieve their goals. With experience drawing plans in AutoCAD, creating professional-quality maps in ArcMap 9.2 and GRASS, writing academic papers and professional reports, taking technical photographs, conducting research, analysing aerial photography and satellite images, creating and maintaining various catalogues and databases, and familiarity with a range of computer programs; she has a lot to offer.

In between adventures and independent research projects, Michelle enjoys playing the piano; finds serenity gardening, painting with watercolours, and drawing; and challenges herself rock climbing and hiking.


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