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Helping people make the right decisions with living the lifestyle they've always dreamed of in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

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We started our company Montana Log Homes of Colorado and have built over 90 homes in Steamboat and the surrounding area. We have been truly blessed being able to live in this wonderful community and watching Steamboat become what it is today. We are living our dream & have the passion and honesty of helping others to do the same.

Each of our handcrafted log homes is as unique as its owner. What you will also find in every home we build, is our unparalleled attention to detail and the pride of our expert craftsmen. It is the difference between a log home and a Montana Log Home. In 1987 we came to Steamboat for vacation and I realized this is where I wanted to live. We bought our property and went back to Ca to begin making arrangements for the move to Steamboat. Six months later we were back here living our dream, and building our log home overlooking the Steamboat Ski Area.

Steamboat is a western world-class ski resort with limitless outdoor activities and a vibrant arts community. To learn more about buying or selling real estate in Steamboat, please call or email me.

Check out our Custom Mountain Log Home located in Steamboat Springs and see why this unique piece of property stands out from any other!

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Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine that you are sitting comfortably in front of a beautiful stone fireplace feeling the warmth from the fire and surrounded by the beauty that you've imagined your own log home will have. Here at Montana Log Homes of Colorado, our greatest achievement is making that dream come true. This is where you begin to make that dream a reality.

Creative inspiration comes naturally in this mountain country. By preserving the spirit of the Old West, using hand crafted techniques handed down from our pioneer forefathers, we create homes as unique and beautiful as the wilderness from which they come. For generations, the hand-hewn log home has been a heart of the American pioneering spirit.

Your Montana Log Home will, by virtue of the cellular structure of the logs themselves, radiate warmth and cheeriness through the coldest of winter nights, and breathe the coolness of a primeval forest into your home during the heat of the summer. A Montana Log Home is crafted for practical function as much as it is for its timeless beautyIt will be a source of contentment, comfort and security throughout all the seasons, and for many years to come.

Our experience blending the tastes of our clients with the rustic characteristics of hand-hewn logs has earned us a reputation nationwide for intricate craftsmanship and reliability.

For any questions please call us at Montana Log Homes of Colorado or visit our website for more details.