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We have provided a large amount of information for home owners looking for garage door openers in Chandler, AZ. We wrote about choosing features, types of garage door openers, how they help sell your home, and even increase home safety. We want to take a moment and provide some tips for choosing a company for residential garage door openers in Chandler, AZ.

Not Everyone Can Install a Garage Door Opener

This may seem like an odd statement. After all, it is not hard to install a garage door opener, right? But, those are “famous last words” for many homeowners. When installing a garage door opener, there are several different parts to consider including; main unit, wall switches, wireless keypads, and motion sensors. Improper installation in any of these pieces can cause your garage door opener to not work properly.

You want to find a company that is experienced in installing residential garage door openers. When you need a medical procedure, do you choose just any physician? No, you want someone who is highly experienced in the procedure. Granted, installing a garage door may not be as serious as a medical procedure. But, it can be almost as technical. Choosing a company with experience ensures you won’t be left with a system that doesn’t work at peak efficiency and you are simply not happy with.

Would Your Neighbors Recommend Them?

We have all heard the horror stories of contractors that don’t show up on time, take twice as long as they are supposed to, and try to milk you for extra money. This makes any project into a nightmare. This is why customer reviews and references are critically important to any construction project. By requesting references, you get to know the company. This allows you to pick a company that has provided exceptional customer service to past customers.

Will They Be There After The Installation?

This is another common problem in construction projects. The contractor finishes the project, gets his money, and leaves. A week or two later you see a problem. You try to contact the contractor to fix the issue. Multiple voicemail messages later, it is obvious that they are not going to return your call. You are back to square one to find another company to fix the issue. This is easily avoided by looking for a company that has been in business for multiple years and has a track record of service after the job is completed.

We don’t want your garage door opener purchase and installation to become a nightmare. We want each and every customer to enjoy the process. Ok, you might not think that you can enjoy the process of getting a garage door opener.

But, our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We will work with you to identify the garage door opener that is right for you and plan out every aspect of the installation. If you want a company that doesn’t just sell and install garage door openers in Chandler, AZ but provides exceptional buying experiences then call us.

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