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6820 Elm Street

McLean , VA 22101

You need our teams 30 years of experience and expertise. Our work product is pure and driven to reflect value at every element within your transaction.

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Performance that is worthy of emulation is the benchmark standard for defending the Keller Williams marquee. The team of seasoned professionals beside every client enagement provides a level of expertise that only a firm that has mastered the real estate market can provide. The resources available to our clients are formidable and combined with the efficient deployment of the latest technology we will ensure that your objectives are at the forefront. Our clients success defines our mission statement!

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The fact that our team of seasoned professionals has over 30 years of experience in Northern Virginia is one component of value that we offer to every client engagement. The ability to allow our skill set to reflect your specific value range defines our client mission of providing a defendable value. The cost structure that we define allows for us to offer full service listing services at the most competitive value. Cross branding of real estate listing inventory with prove web sites that have over 2 Million visitors per month allows for our clients to access an excellent community of buyers and sellers that are branded to our geographic skill set.  We leverage our resources to efficiently market homes to a proven demographic that demands transaction efficiency and execution at an excellent value!  Full service listings for 5%...NO hidden fees...we are the low fare discount carrier in Northern Virginia that knows our market and we can provide transaction expertise with the clients interests at the forefront!  We are open 24/7...every day of the year...some of the best deals in this area are executed over a Mahogany table surrounded by exceptional negotiators...we know your expectations for an excellent value!

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