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Our Primary Mission


The Real Estate Choice, guided by a defined set of principles, is a results-driven organization demanding a level of service from within to consistently exceed your real estate needs.  We make it a point to maintain an active relationship with market trends and walk hand in hand with technology to offer the best available resources for helping you buy and sell real estate in an industry that is changing daily.


Our goals are centered around making sure we become your Realtor for life.  We strive to make sure you welcome the opportunity to tell a friend how The Real Estate Choice exceeded your expectations again & again!


To put it quite simply - we love real estate.






These principles are a set of guidelines by which all organizational decisions are based.  From company-wide policy changes to scheduling an inspection, these principles ensure our ability to help sustain or improve the emotional wealth of our clients as well as that of all our agents & employees; in addition to every individual and organization we come in contact with during our daily course of doing business.  These principles are the DNA that make The Real Estate Choice who we are.

Be Accountable - We will take responsibility for the decisions we make.  We will take credit for those actions that lead to success, as well as those that lead to failure.

Be Proactive - We will be leaders.  We will not make decisions based on what others prefer to see or hear.  We will make our own decisions based on these principles; in a manner that we believe will largely benefit everyone, taking all parties preferences into consideration.

Be Rational - We will not let emotions or situations dictate our actions.  We will accumulate all of the data and guidance possible, eliminate preconceptions that create bias and take the time necessary to make solid and sound decisions.

Be Honest - We will be honest with all parties in our operations and deal with all situations up front in order to avoid compounded issues down the road.

Be Fair - We will not ask anything of anyone that we would not ask of ourselves.  We will take into account the individual situation of others, as well as the ability of that person to perform.

Be Resourceful - We will network ourselves so that we will have the ability to seek guidance on difficult issues with which we find ourselves faced.  We accept the fact that we do not know everything and see the need to have, within our sphere, knowledgeable contacts from every walk of life.

Be Self-Aware - We will constantly seek to know ourselves as an organization and individuals.  We will attempt to stay within our physical, spiritual & emotional boundaries and attempt to expand those boundaries daily.

Be Hungry - We will seek to improve ourselves daily by learning through reading, listening, watching, attending, participating and teaching.  We will work to expand our physical, spiritual, emotional and educational boundaries more and more each day.

Be Considerate - We will not sacrifice the desires or feelings of others to get where we want to go.  We recognize that relationships are the most important aspect of life and should be respected in all decision making.

Be Efficient - We will work to maximize the use of, as well as to reduce the waste of our, and other's resources.

Be Charitable - We will contribute to the needs of others, when able, by giving services, goods and wealth when we have exceeded our needs.

Be Passionate - We will approach every day as if it were our last.  We will pour all of our being into every responsibility we encounter.

Be Healthy - We will work to be as physically, spiritually and emotionally fit as we possibly can.

Be Moderate - We will avoid excess in every aspect of life.

Be Humble - We will stay grounded no matter how much success we have.  We will know that, at any given time, everything could be stripped away and we may have to start again from scratch!




The Real Estate Choice is a full service real estate brokerage catering to the needs of current and future real property owners in the Greater Houston Area.