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Highmark Insurance LLC; specializes in Home, Auto, Personal Umbrella, and Flood insurance.

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 3150 North Wickham Rd.Suite #4Melbourne, FL 32935

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Welcome to Highmark Insurance!

Highmark Insurance LLC; is an insurance agency based in Central Florida with our primary location being in Melbourne, Florida. Highmark Insurance is a quite unique insurance agency, in that we do not advertise to the public. We prefer for new clients to find us by our existing clients; this is done by letting friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers know what a great job we did for them when they received the Highmark experience. This enables our team to provide our clients with exceptional customer service.

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Highmark Insurance specializes in Home, Auto, Personal Umbrella, and Flood insurance, throughout the state of Florida.  

Highmark Insurance LLC, can insure your home even if you are located on the barrier island. In fact, homes located  east of US1 are some of our favorite homes to quote and insure. Highmark Insurance can give it's beachside community very competive policies, even on these sometimes older homes. Talk to Julia Babbitt a 2-20 licenced agent for a quote today!

We have several carriers that we deal with to insure your home. They include: United Property & Casualty, Universal Property & Casualty, Universal of North America, First Protective/Fidelity Fire and Casualty, Florida Peninsula, Edison Insurance, Cypress, Norther Capital and Citizens. For clients with high dollar valued homes we offer the following carriers: PURE, Tapco, Chubb, and Fireman's Fund.

Based on information Highmark Insurance collects from you we will work with each company to find the quote that will best suit the needs of you, our valued clients. We have carriers that will work with us to meet these needs and make exceptions on an as needed basis as well.