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  Hey Everyone, My name is Justin Smith and I've been around the Activerain community since 2006.  I love the networking, the conversation, and the great opportunities this community can bring.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  I'm usually very accessible!   Brief History Companies I've started or worked for:  Real Estate Tomato, Christian Real Estate Network, Searching Solutions, Affinity Cross Media. Been engaged in internet marketing & blogging since 2001 In 2002 created one of the largest membership based real estate networks in the country with over 1,700 members Personally coached over 750 blogging, internet marketing, and search engine optimization classes for the Real Estate Tomato, and for my company: Searching Solutions Have helped countless clients with search engine marketing consultations and hands-on SEO work. For more info and links to me personally, visit: Justinnerd.com   Here is what I have been up to lately...   SearchingSolutions.com  -  Searching Solutions is my search engine marketing company based in Colorado.  We are currently handling small to mid-sized websites in nearly every industry.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take very many real estate clients because of the competitive nature of the business and because the price point is out of reach for most local agents.  However, we do provide a large deal of consulting and coaching within the real estate industry and would be happy answer any questions you have and help to guide you in the right direction.     How I can help you...   Coaching & Consulting - I have personally taught over 750 webinar based classes on internet marketing, search engine marketing, blogging, and social media.  Please click here to view some of our coaching packages, or contact me for more information Website Reviews  -  One of my most popular stand alone services is a website review.  It's kind of like a website audit with emphasis on tips for performing well in the real estate industry and improving search engine ranking.  Hands on SEO  -  I don't do this for many real estate based clients, but if we can come to an arrangement, I would love the opportunity to help you realize your website's search engine ranking potential.    ***  Please feel free to contact me any time.  I promise I won't try to sell something to you!  ;-)     Here is What Past Clients Have Said:   **************************************************************** “Not only does Justin possess the utmost skill, expertise, and knowledge of today's Internet technologies, but he also has the ability to apply them in ways that are meaningful, practical, and profitable in today's competitive business environments. I would not hesitate to recommend Justin. He brings a refreshing honesty and unwavering integrity to all he does.”  Rich Jacobson | ActiveRain Corporation   “The coaching I received from Justin Smith, throughout my classes with the Real Estate Tomato Blog training, was extremely valuable. His knowledge of blogging strategy and search engine optimization & marketing were evident in the training, and in the Blogs that he publishes.” Mary Weaver | Ruidoso-blog.com   “Justin worked as my blogging coach at the Real Estate Tomato. I'm not the sharpest tool in the box - computer-wise - but Justin never made me feel like it. He was always very patient, low-key, explained things well. He has a gift that few too have: he's great at giving you the big picture essentials, then breaking it down into digestible learning nuggets. Concept first, then details. I believe he's a real expert at what he does and I look forward to remedial instruction with him in the future.” Ken Haedrich | AnnapolisHomeDigest.com   “justin delivered the information in an easily understood manner. he has an in depth knowledge of the subject and is receptive to all questions as well as personable and easy to work with. i learned alot, and really enjoyed the experience.”  Maggie Chandler | VancouverReflections.com     “Justin has been coaching me for my blog, www.LifeStyleDenver.com, and he's a fabulous resource. Truly an expert in the world of SEO and blogging.”  Gretchen Faber | LifeStyleDenver.com   “Justin has been our go-to person for SEO and internet presence issues. He displays an amazing balance of internet and tech wizardry with the uncommon coupling of presentation skills to make the complex relevant and easy to understand by a large sales force not particularly known for their tech savvy. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and a tremendous asset.”  Chris Pollinger | Director of Coaching, RE/MAX   ****************************************************************

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