The Heart N' Home Team (Keller Williams)

7145 West Credit Ave.

Bldg #1, Suite 100

Mississauga , ON L5N 6J7

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Get to know The Heart N' Home Team

Why would you want to Hire The Heart N' Home Team? Our Philosophy at The Heart N Home Team We have adopted a particular philosophy of doing business! Most Realtors® do business as if they will never see or hear from their clients again!  Because they have that mind set, often customer service slips or discrepancies appear.  They just want to get the deal done and move to the next one.  They never build trust with that client and are typically afraid of "losing them" to another Realtor® so they have to get the "deal done fast", regardless of the consequences.  Our way of doing business is to think of the relationship with our client as a long term association... not for just one transaction. We work hard to prove to ourselves and to our clientele, that we have their best interest in mind... and they in turn give us their loyalty.  Because of this different mind set on both sides, the pressure is off. We are willing to work with our Sellers and Buyers as long as necessary to ensure they feel comfortable with the home buying or selling process. We tell the truth and live with the consequences.  Again and again we have found that people prefer to work this way.  Our concern is with our clients.  Pressuring someone to sell now or buy now or do anything that is NOT according to their schedule is not how we do things.   It must be what is best for our client!!  We are committed to earning the right to be your Personal Realtor® For Life!! That's why we get so much referral business.  A very high percentage of our business comes to us by way of referral... Friends, Past clients, friends of my past clients and other Realtors® from across North America.  These people have dealt with us in the past, and have seen first hand the high level of service and commitment provided to my clients. There is a very high level of trust.  That means trust in our integrity, in our level of skill and market knowledge to do the best job possible and in our commitment to put the needs and requirements of our clients first! We are committed to earning the right to be your Personal Realtor® For Life!!
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