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I will begin with a little background. I am a displaced Pennsylvanian, sometimes known for 'underground farmers'.  E-mail me to tell me what an undergound farmer' is. Or E-mail me to ask the same.     Well actually I left PA. in '63 after high school graduation.  I went into the Air Force and spent  2 years in Texas, San Antonio, Wichita Falls, and back to San Antonio. On to Japan for two years, before returning to U. Md. for a degree in Food Technology. As some of you may remember, in the early 70s recession, jobs weren't plentiful, as we see today.  I left Md. and ended up back in Japan. Stayed there for three years and got to see the World's Fair in Kyoto. On to Germany working on base for the Air Force and had a ball in memorable Wiesbaden.  On to England for two years. Back to Pa. for four years, Nebraska for two years, Germany for two more years and then the bottom fell out.  Back to Laughlin AFB in Del Rio TX.  Some people say that Del Rio is 'two miles from water and two feet form Hell'.  And to think that I stayed there for 11 years, commuting 60 miles each way a day to teach in Eagle Pass Tx.  In 2000 I felt I had done any repentance needed and moved to San Antonio , where I remain, except I've bought a beautiful house on 5 acres on the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass. That is our weekend retreat.  Well, it seems that I am now a Texan living in good old San Antonio.  If you haven't visited San Antonio you're missing out on a lot of Mexican culture without having to cross the Rio Grande.

I have just recently started "AlamoArea360VirtualTours". I have wanted to work for myself, but either didn't have enough money, or didn't feel right about some 'opportunites', some of which we all know will 'make you rich while sitting on the beach'.  I have always worked for someone else, be it the USAF or Texas State in teaching.  I realize that this is a steep learning curve, but I not only want to succeed,  I want to learn and keep up with the modern day.  I could sit back and drive a perfectly good 1957 Chevy Bel Air, but I want to live in the 21st century and witness the modern. But I find that modern is in a blaze of speed and extremely hard to keep up. But I will enjoy what I can of it, before my fleeting time on good old Earth is up.


Hill country ranches in Texas are spread out. Getting prospective buyers is a great challenge. My San Antonio virtual tours and surrounding areas, take a lot of the problems out of the sales by taking the ranch to the world, because the world has trouble coming to the ranch. Pictures and slides take bits and pieces; however, my San Antonio virtual tours give the viewer active control of what they want to look at, and can dwell or return easily to 'walk through' again and again.  The prospective buyer then knows if they want to take the time and effort to make the trip.  In my experience, if they decide to make a trip to see live, after seeing virtual, they are well past the first stage of a sale, without the realtor/owner having to spend untold hours showing gawkers. From the San Antonio Area, I will travel up to 150 miles for high end properties.  If you have a desire to have a San Antonio virtual tour outside this radius, contact me and I will refer you though our network of professional dealers worldwide. As of March 2010, we are now in full screen mode. Check out what is offered at  We are a member of SABOR.


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