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 One of the best feelings is when you see the faces of your clients when you walk into the perfect home, or when you feel the excitement as you close escrow on a home your clients were selling or buying. That being said, I have a very simple mission; to make sure all my clients are well taken care of and given the tools and expertise to have a great Real Estate experience.  "I want to exceed your expectations"


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We love short sales! Do you love them? You should! If you are not marketing to and selling short sales, you are missing out on a large portion of todays market. Unfortunately many Realtors have stayed away for them as short sales can be time consuming and huge head ache. That is where we come in. Complete Short Sale Processors takes the head aches away from the process and away from our Realtors. By handling all of the communication with the banks, we give numerous hours a week back to our Realtors so they can build their business.   Here are a few of our services:   1. You have one processor assigned to each file handle all of the contact with the banks effectively saving you hours a week per file from sitting on hold. This processor acts as a personal assistant to you to get the file closed. 2. We provide a sellers coverage home warranty (no cost) through Old Republic on all of our files.3. We provide credit repair to your clients at a nominal cost as an option to help your sellers start over4. You are in direct contact with your processor through email anytime you have a question5. You are notified every time something on your file changes, we spoke with the bank or we need more information, etc. 6. You are given the option to include up to 4 email addresses that you want to receive the same file updates that you do, these can be used to keep the buyers agent, title company, lender or whom ever you want informed and up to date. This keeps everyone involved in the transaction happy! 7. You can contact my partner and I any time you have a question or concern8. The best part is that there is no cost to you or your clients for this service...excluding the credit repair option9. In some states we offer free lawyer services for your clients to guide them thru the process. 10. Statistically speaking, we are closing 84% nationwide. Those that do not close are typically because the buyers go away. 11. The company has closed 100’s of files, they have been processing for almost 3 yrs. 12. Each processor manages about 30-40 files at any given time.   Our company has and continues to be very successful. It is all we do. Each processor has extensive real estate background and short sales are ALL they do.


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