Randall Smith, Inside Wholesale/Correspondent Mortgage Lender (Amerisave Mortgage Corp TPO)
NMLS 59781 (Inactive)

PO Box 2262

Hendersonville , NC 28793-2262

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Get to know Randall Smith

Who Am I?
I have been in the mortgage profession since 1987 and have covered a variety of positions, including processing, underwriting (jr), retail & wholesale origination and management. Additionally, I have worked in the computer industry as an operator/programmer, and served with the 4th Infantry Division and Military Sealift Command.

I have been primarily a wholesale mortgage Account Executive since 2002 who has also spent many years as a retail Loan Officer and Broker, starting in 1987. My objective is to share my 26 years of experience as effectively as possible.


Who Do I Assist?
Any and all Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers within my assigned territories, inclusive of Correspondents.

How Do I Help?
By offering one-on-one and group training utilizing live presentations, webinars and relevant, informative emails. We will conduct an interview with you to determine your exact needs and goals, then develop and execute a plan to achieve them!

Technical know-how alone does not promise a successful Lender-Partner relationship. Nor does the best price. Both I and the company I represent must make ourselves indispensable to you, as our clients, in order to guarantee both our success and yours. The best way, I feel, to accomplish this, is to structure our relationship so when you are ready to make a loan submission, your first thought is Randy Smith. To this achieve this, I have outlined for you what I call my “personal-professional’ outlook and this is what I strive to attain with you, each and every day: 1. What can I do to add value to your work day… 2. How can I make your work easier… 3. What can I do to give you a positive experience… 4. Maintain an open and responsive line of communication… 5. Uphold Trust & Credibility… Lastly, I understand when submit a loan with me, you have placed your commission in my hands, and to this end I state: “When You’re Working… I’m Working!”

Testimonials for Randall Smith

  • Kabir Mahadeva- Alpha Mortgage

    Randall brings all of the needed skills for success in sales: work ethic, persistence, creativity, persistence, product knowledge, client focus, and did I mention persistence?

    In today's marketplace, where many people tune out the message, having someone keep in touch with you and never give up is essential for success. Randall repeatedly demonstrated that he wanted my business and would keep in front of me and keep asking for it. I really respect that.

    If I were in a position to hire a real sales professional, Randall would be on the top of my list

  • Jay Spurlin- Coastal Funding

    Randy is one of the best Account Rep's I have ever had. Very knowledgeable, helpful and just all around pleasure to deal with. We would love to have him back. With his experience, personality, loyalty and mustache, you could not ask for a better Account Rep.

  • Carol Turnabugh- Carolinas Premier Mortgage Co.

    FYI, Randy has been great. I like his communication and constant updates to us. And any questions I have, he's right there finding out for me. So I appreciate it.

  • Diane Simmons- Exit Realty

    I worked very closely with Randy Smith when I was at Blue Ridge Savings Bank. When I was at RBC Bank Randy and I continued to work together on mortgage deals. He comes with a high recommendation from me.

    Service Areas (2)
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Greenville County, SC
    • Brevard County, FL
    Languages (1)
    • English