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Who We Are and What We Do

Home Appreciators Realty actually combines the services of two separate, family-owned businesses (Real Estate & Renovations) into a full set of service offerings unmatched in the industry. 

We created this concept to be more than just a real estate company because we recognized the need to provide services beyond the sale.  In other words, our clients are buyers, sellers AND homeowners.

The Lifecycle of Homeownership

Home Appreciators Realty is your partner throughout the entire lifecycle of homeownership.  We guide you through the purchase, the maintenance and improvement, and finally the resale and purchase of a new home.  We place great emphasis and importance on the services we provide our homeowners (i.e.maintenance and improvements) because we understand the lifecycle and know that the return on your investment is realized upon the sale of the home.

We are very proud of our services and our passion for homes.  It is our mission to create a long lasting relationship with each and every client.  When you join the Home Appreciators family, you truly join our family.  We realize the value in owning a home and we want you to realize the value in yours!

Home Appreciators, LLC and Home Appreciators Realty - Jeff & Stacy Carter

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If you're wondering how you can benefit from our services, consider the following:


If you've always wanted your own team of professionals to spruce and stage your home for sale like the shows on TV...we do that! If you expect your real estate team to go the extra mile, market your home aggressively, and show a dedication unlike anyone in the industry...we do that! If you're nervous about the results of a home inspection and have no idea who to hire to make the repairs...we do that!


If you're looking at older homes that need updating or improvements but you don't know how much it will cost you...we do that! If you wish you had the expertise of a renovator with you when you were making your finally decision...we do that! If you are a first time homebuyer and have no idea how to fix and maintain a home...we do that!


If you've recently moved into a new home and now you discover things that just don't work quite right...we do that! If you want to make improvements but you're worried you'll out spend the neighborhood...we do that! If you want advice on the best improvements to help increase your home's value...we do that! If you wish your home came with an instruction manual and a single phone number to call for all your home's needs...WE DO THAT! 

We are your home's best friend! Call us today to speak with a home expert about your individual needs.

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