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Howdy! I am a professional Austin home inspector serving the Central Texas area and I take great pride in providing top notch inspections to protect your largest investment! I care and love my work!

Get to know Glen Kotulek

I am a 25 year career Officer in a large Central Texas City Fire Dept. and have been an Austin home inspector for the last 9 years.  I have a strong construction background which includes numerous courses in building construction as well as the annual continuing education requirements of this industry.  I have always exceeded the minimum annual course requirements to keep up with the ever changing construction industry.  I find home inspecting to be very interesting as well as fulfilling and I truly enjoy exceeding my client's expectations!  The "Sherlock Holmes" aspect of the job is very intriguing and truly a fun part of the job.  Figuring out what is causing oddities in the home is very rewarding!  I will keep YOU from having to find these oddities later!  

My reputation is important to me.   I take a progressive approach to your home inspection so you will have the information that you will need to determine if your potential home is the right one for you and your family!  I will look at it as if some one in my family was going to live there.   I  perform inspections we will both be proud of. ( I am totally dedicated to my Clients, Only! )  You can count on me to understand your concerns about your Home Inspection. When you think of a Home Inspection, I hope you will think of me first!!   

 I am also bilingual in Spanish to assist the Hispanic community which is very helpful in the Central Texas market!  

I use high tech modern technology to assist in my inspections, including a moisture meter, digital thermometer and electric analyzer. 

I take digital photos and utilize the highly acclaimed "HomeGauge" report writing software.   Reports delivered same day or within 24 hours in some instances.

You can schedule me online anytime at my website:

Your Austin Home Inspector!

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Knowledge is power and my inspection report will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.   Seller's are not required to present a buyer with a "defect-free" home, but the home may have issues or concerns that may need to be negotiated for, such as major repairs or threats to the value of the home.  My report will typically find many "handyman" type minor concerns which will give you a good 'to-do' list after you purchase the home, but reading the report in its entirety is important to ensure that all concerns are understood.  My color photographs included in the report will help you to understand the severity or simplicity of some concerns that may be difficult to understand.   A typical inspection takes 2-3 hours depending on size and condition of home. It is always helpful to attend the inspection, at least near the end, to observe and understand any issues uncovered.  It is with this report that you can evaluate what is found and determine if negotiating for repairs or a lower price is in your best interest.  Always seek the advice of your Real Estate Professional to assist in these negotiations to protect you and utilize their experience to make your buying experience a pleasant one!