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Home Inspector Pro is a software company that creates easy to customize and use home inspection software. Our software runs on Windows or Mac!

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We have developed the ultimate home inspection software to allow you to quickly and efficiently perform home inspections. With this software in hand you will be able to easily compete with larger inspection corporations. Home Inspector Pro was designed in cooperation with home inspectors who were tired of other programs not living up to their expectations.

A few of the features:

Easily create a template for every type of inspection you perform. For example load one template for a commercial inspection then switch to your residential home inspection template for your next job.Designed for a tablet pc to almost eliminate the need for your keyboard during an inspection yet works great on a normal laptop.Ability to upload inspection reports for real estate agents, home buyer/seller, and you to view for up to 3 years.Allows you to upload reports and email a link to the report in one easy step.Reports are easy to for the home buyer/seller to read and Home Inspector Pro is the only program to include a table of contents.Add unlimited photographs to your report.Bulk photo add feature.Runs on Windows 98 through Windows Vista! Easy to use home inspection software that runs on Windows or Mac!

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