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Shannon Milligan, Richmond VA Real Estate Agent/Associate Broker
RVA Home Team - Winning with Integrity.
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Get to Know Shannon Milligan, Richmond VA Real Estate Agent/Associate Broker

A Little About Me:

Professionally, I am a licensed Richmond VA real estate agent who loves every minute of my chosen career. I am proud to be a multi-million dollar producing Realtor specializing in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, and Goochland Counties. I love working with Sellers to maximize their profit while minimizing their days on the market. I have a passion for marketing and being your listing agent allows me to flex those muscles! I also enjoy working with buyers, especially educating them so they understand each step of the process. No matter which you are, YOU and YOUR needs are my top priority. 

Personally, I have a very supportive husband, twins who are in the fourth grade, three loving Labradors, and a cranky cat who only likes me when he is hungry. I have lived in Glen Allen, Henrico County and now reside in Midlothian, Chesterfield County. Call it a hazard of the job...I am a professional Richmond VA Realtor and a bit of a professional mover. However, my husband says, "This is IT!" 

As you look for an agent to represent you and your needs, please give me a call. I welcome the opportunity to work hard for you, not only during the transaction, but afterwards as well! 804-248-8207. www.RVAHomeTeam.com






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Duane B.
Highly Impressive is the best phrase that comes to mind. From the very onset when I shopped the need for a realtor until the final closing, the entire time Shannon had my best interests at heart. Shannon won my business on her knowledge, skill, passion, intent, conviction, and trust: all vital in this business. For all material purposes she also self-served as my property manager in the interim from the time my last tenants moved out until final sales close. The entire time Shannon did such a thorough job I never once had to drive back to the house or deal with any issues. I was concerned of pipes freezing in the winter or construction teams needing entrance so intentionally found someone local. But what I uncovered is something I feel compelled to share. What I found is someone I would consider an "agent for life." Someone I would entrust wholeheartedly if had another opportunity to buy or sell. Shannon's commitment, work ethic and integrity really were outstanding. As someone aligned in the financial business I have seen my share of deals go wrong. I ask a lot of questions and have deep concern before "turning over the keys." I am slow to trust and very hesitant to take my hands off the wheel. But in a world of over-promising and under-delivering Shannon did the exact opposite. She undersold and over-delivered! Rarely is the sale of a home without it's problems. When contractors didn't live up to expectations she called them out and got the results needed or found others that would. If had any bumps in the road she was proactive in providing solutions before they ever became issues. At every point in the process we were in communication and I was given options as well as best case/worst case scenarios based on years of proven expertise. What more could you ask for in a real estate partner? (Yes partner not agent). Shannon truly was the best partner could have asked for and made this transition from start to finish almost seamless. She will win you over with hard work, integrity, determination, and a straight forward results-oriented approach.
Melanie M.
Shannon got the job done, again. We hired Shannon to assist us in purchasing our new home and she was, without a doubt, the best agent we ever encountered. There was no question that we would later choose her to sell our former home. Her persistence, perseverance, professionalism and unwavering attention to detail made the sale a smooth and care free transaction. She anticipated our questions and had them answered before we even had a chance to ask. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience but because we hired Shannon, we were able to relax and trust her to get the job done for us. Thank you Shannon for being so awesome at what you do!
Kenneth Z.
Shannon and her team of professionals made me believe there are people out there who are really angels. I feel so blessed to have found the best Richmond real estate agent and mortgage professionals to help me find my dream home!
Jodi M.
My experience with Shannon was exceptional. Shannon took an interest in our lives to best understand what we wanted out of a house which helped narrow our search. She looked out for us to inform us if another offer had been put on the house we were interested in buying. Shannon worked to ensure that we worked within our budget and got us a deal within our price range targeted. Not only is Shannon an exceptional Realtor, she was able to recommend resources in which we were beyond impressed with (including inspector, title company and mortgage broker). Shannon exceeded our expectations of a realtor, ensuring that she was present during the inspection, throughout the mortgage process and for closing. She worked with our schedule throughout the process to accommodate our work schedules. She was able to answer our questions very promptly and provided valuable information. I would recommend Shannon in a heartbeat!
Kate D.
Shannon went above and beyond for us, to say the very least. She was great and stayed on top of every aspect of the transaction from offer through closing. It was our first time working with her, as we are new to the area, and we would be happy to with with her again.
Luke and Rachael
We found Shannon by coming across her blog and we could tell she was really on top of things even from her posts. Meeting with Shannon proved we had found the right person, she's wonderful and so dedicated we were constantly impressed. Shannon had super fast responses, great explanations and was always one step ahead of everybody else in the process, getting every detail exact that made our lives less stressful. I swear she must never sleep. After meeting and working with Shannon I would absolutely recommend her to my family and friends, I'll actually miss getting texts and emails from her. I can't recommend her enough. Everything a person would want in a top Real Estate agent. We sold our old house at a record price and bought our new one with a super deal. We now live in our dream house, all thanks to Shannon.
Mercedes M.
Shannon was supportive and here for us from the beginning. We were referred to her by some of our family who she had sold a home to & for. She is on it! She answers her phone right away, stays in contact from the start! The moment we talked via phone about the process, She was dedicated, interested and excited. Shannon is someone who loves what she does each day! She was understanding of our tight schedule and time constraints. As soon as we decided we were ready to buy and told her what we were looking for, she found "the one" on the first try! She made this experience delightful and I will be referring her to everyone. Shannon deserves an A+.
Betty C.
Shannon took charge of our situation with selling our home and made it so easy for us. She sold our house within 3 days of being on the market. It was an extremely smooth transaction. I would highly recommend Shannon. She was very knowledgeable about the market and very professional throughout the entire process. She will be a great person to have on your side.
Rachael Harris-Evans
Shannon has been amazing for us as a buyer's agent. She really did her homework to give us the scoop on all of the houses that we looked at. And she was always incredibly responsive, always responding to our questions and following up with information in lightning speed. She offered great advice, grounded in solid information, and made our buying process go incredibly smoothly. I would, without hesitation, recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a savvy, well-informed, service-oriented Realtor!
Hansi J.
Shannon was informative and helpful and professional when we were on the hunt for our first house in a brand new city. She gave us honest and thoughtful guidance when we needed it and made sure we knew what we were doing from step to step. When it came time to negotiate Shannon really went to bat for us and became our first line of defense against a 'difficult' selling agent. After the sale Shannon has expressed a deeper interest in how things progressed and made sure we were happy with everything. On a personal note Shannon, over the course of this process has become a trusted friend and we look forward to building a lasting relationship with her.
o say I'm picky is an understatement. I really didn't believe the house I was looking for existed, but Shannon found it through listening closely to my husband and I and networking among real estate agents far and wide. I still can’t believe it, and I’m living here! Shannon also made me feel comfortable expressing any concerns and questions. She gave good advice and followed through on every promise. Even after we closed, Shannon has still been willing to help out. I really appreciate her flexibility, availability, and, most importantly, her uncanny ability to match a family with not just a house but a home.
Sheila and Rhona
Shannon has without a doubt proved herself to be Richmond's super Realtor. When you think of a Realtor that is serious about their job and the importance of their role in finding 'THE PLACE' that you would call HOME, the place that you would call your own, think of Mrs. Shannon Milligan. I have watched Shannon from the very beginning become so actively involved in reaching out to my mom as that potential client, initiating the process, following through with emails and phone calls time after time after time and again, proving to be a source of comfort when needed due to the particular circumstances surrounding my mom moving out of the rental property and remaining hopeful to her during a period of two short but intense months before they both reached the stage where Shannon happily and with the biggest smile handed over the key to my mom's new home in the same area where she rented which to my mother was the icing on the already sweet cake. Mrs. Shannon I know that the home owners are usually the ones that write these testimonials but as the daughter watching my mom and being actively involved in the process of the million and fifteen (tiny exaggeration) emails and paperwork that required signatures and often driving the 18 miles to then back to ensure timely communication between her, you and your partners when the postal services would only create delay I couldn't help myself from personally writing this. Mrs. Shannon Milligan you were a light and a source of hope through trying times. You made it happen for my mother, you really did. I want to personally say thank you for your dedication and determination through this process and getting her out of the claws of envy and greed associated with that rental property and into her new home. Thank you Shannon, you are awesome. Please contact Shannon Milligan if you want seriously start the process of owning that place to call your own.
Paula and Brian
Relocating to an area you are not familiar with can seem like a daunting task. From the minute we spoke to Shannon we knew we were in great hands! We found Shannon via a search on web for Richmond realtors and felt led to her as we have twins and a cat named Buddy just like her! Shannon was such a joy to work with during our home search, she is very knowledgable about the Richmond area and helped us locate our dream home in Chesterfield. She was always quick to respond to our emails with any questions we had and listened to our wants and needs in a home. She also recommended top notch companies for all our needs that included who we chose for our mortgage and settlement. We feel like we have met a friend for life and are so happy in our new home and are excited to start a new chapter in our lives here in Richmond. Thank you so much Shannon, you are a rockstar!
Shannon Robinson
When you deal with most realtors they leave you with an impression that only the money is what matters. When you deal with Shannon, she makes you feel that what matters to her is the happiness of you and your family. She listened to us, and dedicated an ample amount of her time to understanding us as individuals, not just clients. She focused on earnestly fulfilling our wants and needs in a home. Often times my husband and I felt like we were her only client because she was always there when we called and always made time to search with us, speak with us, and drive us all around Richmond in search for our ideal home. She never gave up on us nor allowed us to give up on ourselves. No matter how frustrating it got during the process of finding a home, she was always our light of positivity, our #1 fan and biggest supporter. Shannon was more than just a realtor to my family and myself. She became a sincere friend and we would love to adopt her as an honorary member into our family!
Claire Fisher
My husband and I were planning a large out-of-state move 1600 miles from the only place we have ever lived, and we had no idea where to begin. While researching real estate in the Richmond area, I stumbled onto Shannon’s blog and immediately felt as though we had a connection. We only had one opportunity to travel to Richmond for our home search and were under incredible pressure to locate a property in just a few days, so reducing any hiccups in the process was paramount. Shannon was unbelievably accommodating during this time. She understood our situation, and we really felt as though we were made her priority during our trip. This continued this throughout the entire process, and we felt like we had a true advocate on our side. It is also impossible to overlook her first rate punctuality and responsiveness. Even after hours, we could always count on her to respond to our questions quickly during such a stressful time. We will certainly use Shannon again and refer her to our friends!
M. Bentley
Shannon is an amazing realtor! I had no idea who she was but found her on Zillow when I was searching for my home. Even when I was ready to give up the search, Shannon persevered and called me a couple of days after I had finally called it quits. And you know what? She found my perfect house in the perfect location! Shannon is like “Radar” on the old TV series “M*SH”. Before you even know what you need or want, Shannon serves it up. She is a stickler for details and totally had my back the entire process. I would highly refer anyone I know who may be in need of a Class A realtor to Shannon.
Dung N.
Shannon Milligan was always on top of things! She always responded to my emails and questions at lightning speed. She also kept me up-to-date with everything, which was very important because the house I was selling was in a different city and I couldn't always check on it myself. Shannon is very professional and helpful throughout the entire process
Dave and Lisa
Buying a house was both a personal and financial investment for us, so choosing the right realtor to represent us was a highly important aspect of the process. We met Shannon at an Open House and after speaking we realize Shannon possessed the values, drive and persistence we were looking for in a realtor. We had been told in the past that we may have to settle, and although there may have been some cosmetic issues or local issues (lack of ranch style homes), Shannon was able to assist us in finding a very nice home. We even referred another couple who also worked with her. Thanks Shannon, we appreciate it!
Laurel M.
Shannon Milligan is a truly extraordinary realtor. She went so far above our expectations that the whole process seemed easy, efficient, and completely streamlined. She arranged for all of our home inspections and appraisals, hired contractors to come out and get estimates on our property, and followed up at every point to make sure that we had what we needed. Beyond that, Shannon had a wealth of information that she was always willing to share with us, and she made us feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the whole process of buying a home. Shannon truly and deeply cares about her clients and genuinely wants them to find exactly the right home and the right deal for them. Her desire to take care of her clients and to make sure that they are happy is just as valuable as her knowledge, thoroughness, and good advice. You will not find a better realtor in Richmond!
Mark G.
Shannon was a great agent! She patiently worked with us to understand what we wanted in a home. Once we were out looking, she proved to be an invaluable resource. She was adept at pointing out both the good and the bad and well attuned to what was important to us. Most importantly, she was great at keeping everything in perspective. From the moment we put in our offer, she worked diligently behind the scenes to make sure all our ducks were in a row and that closing went smoothly. Shannon's a great professional and a pleasure to work with!
Elizabeth C.
I never thought that selling our house would be so easy. We were nervous about the market, about getting our house in shape for an open house, and the whole process in general. Shannon was there for us every step of the way. We were under contract the first day the house was on the market! Thank you, Shannon for helping us navigate one of the most significant changes in our lives.
Indira M.
Shannon is such a wonderful person and we are so glad we got the chance to work with someone like her. She was really knowledgeable about the market and about all of the questions we asked her about the houses. She is really organized and on top of things. Any time we tried to get in contact with her she was there to help us out. Shannon was on time to every meeting we had and was easy to work with. We are happy that we got to know Shannon and it was great worked with her. She is really nice and friendly. She cares about her clients and wants to make them happy with the purchase they make. I would recommend anyone to work with Shannon and especially anyone that is young and wants to buy their first home. She didn’t just find us our dream home but she also thought us so much about owning a home. She made sure we made the right decision and understood every document that we had to sign. It’s very important to work with someone that takes their time to explain everything and get everything done on time.
Shiv P.
Working with Shannon was a delight. Like many of the other reviews read, Shannon was and is responsive, diligent, and knowledgeable about the market. I did not get referred to Shannon, I simply found her on the web. The experience was amazing, she stayed active and attentive through the whole construction process and was available whenever I called or e-mailed. 5 stars.
Courtney Lynch
Shannon Milligan deserves to be called “The Best Richmond VA Realtor”….. She has earned her place among the best of the best Richmond, Virginia real estate agents. There is no one like her in the Richmond, Virginia real estate market. Shannon’s responsiveness, attention to detail, market knowledge and desire to truly serve her clients make her an elite agent. Not only did she find us the perfect house, she did so patiently with our best interests in mind throughout the process. And, she helped us stay within our budget. Shannon is knowledgeable, talented and willing to find the answers to any questions that come up in the home buying and selling process. Her commitment to excellent service is amazing! We had such a great experience working with her that I’ll be referring her to others for years!! If you want someone to lead you through the often confusing real estate world, go with Shannon- you’ll get results and have fun in the process….
Stephanie T.
Other realtors may not help you after you buy your home but not Shannon. It doesn't matter what I need, I know I can always ask Shannon and she will respond quickly and help me. She also will fight for you whatever it is, she is on your side. She will even stay on the phone for hours just trying to help you out. She is very helpful and goes above and beyond what you need. I can't express how thankful I am for her diligence in making things better for us.
Megan T.
Shannon could not have been a better agent for me. She took a terrible first time home buying experience that I had through another agency and completely brought the excitement of buying a first home back to life. Shannon listened to my housing requirements and her follow-up on all aspects of the transaction was exceptional. She is a true go getter when it comes to her clients and meeting their needs and expectations. I would recommend Shannon to all of my friends and family looking to buy or sell and will certainly use her again if the time comes around that I need to sell/buy!
Lorraine Philips
Shannon helped us purchase our new home in the Richmond area. On the first day the home showed we put an offer in with 4 others. The process was competitive, but Shannon had our back and suggested multiple ideas that helped us close the deal and get what we were asking for. Shannon was extremely knowledgable and provided multiple suggestions to help guide us through the process and succeed in the competitive bid. I would strongly recommend Shannon! She was knowledgable, smart, quick to respond, and extremely helpful. Anyone looking to buy or sell should contact her, she will work hard for you.
Melanie M.
Shannon didn’t just help us find our home. She was there every step of the way. We found our home and closed in a little over a month. Shannon anticipated and met all of our needs and answered questions before we even asked them. She returned every email or phone call very quickly and made sure we were well informed at all times. She listened to us and made the home buying process entirely stress free. She is professional, cares about her clients and has the highest integrity. We will recommend Shannon to everyone we know.
Amanda M
Amazing! When my husband and I met Shannon we just clicked. It was so easy to talk with her about our wants/needs and our budget. Shannon is just amazing. She went "to bat" for us on so many issues we ended up having with our new construction home. So many times I heard her say "My main job is to protect my clients". I love this about her that she was always on our side and never pushing us to just accept. Shannon was always available to answer any questions/concerns we had. We love Shannon, and not just as a realtor but now as a good friend. We will be recommending her to everyone we know. Thank you Shannon, we LOVE our new home you found for us.
Matt P.
Shannon is an All Star! She recently helped my husband and I buy a new home. The negotiations were tough but Shannon gave us excellent guidance and made sure that we were protected at every turn. I would recommend Shannon to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable well-informed realtor. I have already recommended her to my family and friends! She worked late and non-stop, and celebrated our final victory with us. We truly appreciate the attention to detail and the constant professionalism that Shannon provided. Thank you!

Winning with Integrity. Shannon Milligan, your Richmond VA Realtor, will coach you to victory in the Richmond VA Real Estate Market. Discover the difference of being part of our RVA Home Team!