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THE buyernulls Agent Buyer Broker Real Est
Dayton, Ohio
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Homebuyers in all Dayton, Ohio Areas Can Receive Different Levels of Real Estate RepresentationOhio real estate law requires a "Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships."  It must be given to Homebuyers before the agent shows you any property - except Open Houses.  The "Consumer Guide" contains the types of agency practiced by that real estate agent's company.  You have the legal right to know who that agent will represent - and not represent - during your transaction.  The seller's agent represents their sellers - anything you tell that agent can be told to their sellers, including how much you're willing to pay!According to Ohio law, any real estate company that lists houses for sale cannot provide Exclusive Buyer Agency.  Unlike traditional Realtors, THE BUYER'S AGENT, Buyer Broker Real Estate - Dayton, Ohio does not practice Dual Agency, Split Agency, or Seller Agency, because we practice genuine Exclusive Buyer Agency only. Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Irongate...they don't have it.Neither does Keller Williams, Prudential, Re/Max, or Sibcy Cline. None of those real estate companies, and No traditional Realtor,can provide Homebuyers with genuine Exclusive Buyer Agency. The definition of Exclusive Buyer Agency by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA): "Exclusive Buyer Agency - The practice of representing only buyers and never sellers in a transaction.  The company never lists a seller's property and thus never has a seller as a client."   Want to be "sold" a house, and hear "sales talk" about the"cozy fireplace," or the "lovely view," from a traditional Realtor?Or would you prefer having objective and unbiased opinions,about ANY house for sale, from a genuine Exclusive Buyer Agent,who can and will point out the reasons for NOT buying a house?   THE BUYER'S AGENT, Buyer Broker Real Estate - Dayton, Ohio represents buyers ONLY.  It does not represent sellers or list property for sale.  Therefore, neither this company, not its agents, will act as a Dual Agent, to "represent" both parties in a transaction.  Instead, it will only act as the buyer's agent, exclusively, in the purchase of real estate.  Because THE BUYER'S AGENT, Buyer Broker Real Estate practices Exclusive Buyer Agency only, there's never a conflict of interest by attempting to represent two clients - buyer and seller - and never the chance of "serving two masters," which cannot be done.  A genuine Exclusive Buyer Agent provides total dedication to the buyer's - not the seller's - interests.   EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENT, works for a company that does not take any listings of houses for sale, does not represent any sellers, and represents buyers only!  Guarantees confidentiality of the buyer's bargaining strategy, and the buyer's financial information!  Always represents buyers as a Client, not as a customer!  Guarantees to never declare Dual Agency or Split Agency!  Objective and unbiased opinions on ANY house for sale!  Will point out the reasons for NOT buying a house!  Guarantees full representation, 100% of the the time!  Never a conflict of interest for buyers, because there's no allegiance with the sellers!  Will include clauses with the contract to further protect the buyer's best interests!  Exclusive Buyer Agents are the only type of agent who are always on the buyer's side!Which agent would you prefer? An agent advertising as a Home Seller? The seller's Realtor...who represents the seller? A Realtor "representing" the seller, and you, the buyer? Another Realtor - from the same office - as the seller's Realtor? A "buyer agent" who can switch loyalty during your purchase? A "buyer agent" who is trained to sell houses and has listings to sell? Or a genuine EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENT, who takes no listings, and who guarantees in writing to represent only you, the buyer, from start to finish?  THE BUYER'S AGENT, Buyer Broker Real Estate - Dayton, Ohio - WE DON'T SELL HOUSES - WE HELP PEOPLE BUY!

An Exclusive Buyer Agent represents Buyers only!

Sellers employ agents to protect and promote their interests.  Why shouldn't buyers have the same option? THEY DO!The advantages of employing an Exclusive Buyer Agent are obvious.  Buyers should carefully interview agents to determine if they are truly Exclusive Buyer Agents.  A true Exclusive Buyer Agency firm represents buyers only. In today's marketplace, you may encounter agents who call themselves Exclusive Buyer Agents when in fact they aren't, because their firms also represent sellers.  You may also find agents labeled as disclosed dual agents, transactional brokers, limited agents, appointed agents and similar terms.  Brokers who work under such labels do not exclusively represent buyers and have conflicting loyalties.As a requirement for membership in the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, these agents pledge in writing to represent only buyers.  They believe that buyers and sellers should each be represented by their own agent, and that both agents should be from separate firms.  NAEBA members are always on the buyer's side one hundred percent (yes, 100%) of the time!

Save Money / Save TimeMinimize Risk / No Additional Cost

An Exclusive Buyer Agent's fee is usually built-in to the purchase price and disbursed at closing, like any other real estate fee.  Studies show that Exclusive Buyer Agents save buyers money and time PLUS increase negotiating power.  They also help you avoid costly mistakes through up-front intensive research.

Total Inventory SearchAn Exclusive Buyer Agent has an obligation to show you the entire inventory including MLS, for-sale-by-owner, bank-owned properties, auctions and new construction.

Network of ExpertsProfessional Exclusive Buyer Agents have a network of reputable experts who assist them in protecting buyers.  These experts include attorneys, mortgage consultants, appraisers, engineers, architects, contractors, and home inspectors.

Advice, Not Sales TalkA genuine Exclusive Buyer Agent has no allegiance with any sellers, and will point out reasons for NOT buying a house.  The job of an Exclusive Buyer Agent is not to "sell," but to serve the buyer with advice and other representation services.  Exclusive Buyer Agents help home-buying consumers make informed decisions.

Unlike traditional Realtors, THE BUYER'S AGENT, Buyer Broker Real Estate is Always on Your Side - the Buyer's Side - Guaranteed!


THE BUYER'S AGENT, Buyer Broker Real Estate, an Exclusive Buyer Agency working for Buyers ONLY, never sellers. Since 1996, serving Dayton, Ohio & Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Warren and Clark counties.