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Home Warranty, Inc. currently provides premier home protection coverage for appliances and mechanical systems for home sellers and buyers.  We are the only home warranty provider who is a member of the Christian Real Estate Network (http://www.hismove.com/) and have four distinct advantages over other plans:

 We give our customers the choice of service providers they wish to use to complete repairs and/or replacements of their covered appliances and mechanical systems.  Our customers tell us they love this option because they can use a service provider with whom they have an established relationship and whom they know and trust. We offer free, no obligation listing coverage to our home sellers for six months.  If the offer the seller receives for his/her home is not high enough to justify the inclusion of the warranty, the home seller can simply cancel the warranty and owe nothing, even if claims have been paid under the warranty.  We know home sellers may be hesitant to pay fees up front when they do not know the offer they will receive on their home.  Our warranty allows them to make the final purchase decision at the offer table instead of the listing table.  We do not have preset dollar limitations on any of the items in our base plan.  We pay the cost to repair or replace covered items and mechanical systems; whether it is an 80-year old boiler system or a heat pump.  You will find several other warranties place claim payout limits on heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, leaving customers to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket once the customer reaches the maximum limit.  We have local area reps who are able to be in your offices to train, answer questions, assist with claims, and provide support to real estate professionals. 

Visit us online at www.homewarrantyinc.com and experience the difference of friendly people, superior coverage, and a responsive customer service team who is there for YOU!


Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

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