Krista Miller, Realtor, Berkeley Hills Realty (Berkeley Hills Realty)
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A super cool, tech savvy Realtor who is looking to find the best deals for the buyers and make the most $$$ for the sellers.

Get to know Krista Miller, Realtor, Berkeley Hills Realty

Remember when you could buy real estate on Park Place, collect rents, and build hotels in Atlantic City for less than $500? Well, it is no longer as simple as just passing "GO." But just like Monopoly, buying and selling real estate in the Bay Area is a riveting game of luck, chance and savvy wheeling and dealing. It also requires careful, strategic planning. Whether you are a first, second or even third-time homebuyer, looking to sell, or a seasoned investor, I am here to help you create a winning game plan.


FIRST TIMERS: Are you looking to purchase your first home?  Or sell for the first time? 
WOMEN: Calling all independent women!  You too can own your own home.
RELOCATING: Are you moving here or there?  I can help you here, and probably know someone who can help you there.
INVESTORS: I am one myself and know what to look for
GEN X,Y, or ABC: I speak the speak
AUNTS, UNCLES, IN-LAWS: I can help you too!