Holly Battaglia (Holly's Home Matters, LLC)
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Effective preparation of existing,vacant, or model homes prior to listing. From curb appeal to pix appeal, Holly's Home Matters, LLC can handle every detail. Visit my site for more details.

Get to know Holly Battaglia

Holly takes staging to the next level with recommendations focusing not only on minimizing and re-arranging but also on necessary updates and improvements that need to be made.  Holly's client's consistently sing her praises related to her accessibility and abiltiy to make big changes even on a small budget.  One of Holly's clients liked her home so much once staged she decided to stay!  Holly is frequently seen snapping photos in stores of furniture and accents and then texting it to the clients.  As the busy mother of 4, Holly realizes how valuable your time and money are!  She will be frugile in her efforts to alleviate the additional stress of preparing your home for sale!!  She has sold 2 of her own homes in one year with 4 children under the age of 8!  She knows what you are experiencing and is sensitive to that.  She will help as little or as much as you need.  Many clients have had excellent results from the minimial investment of a home staging consultation.



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