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Ingri Boe-Wiegaard
Acupuncture: Treat pain, weight loss, stress
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Get to Know Ingri Boe-Wiegaard

About Ingri CT Acupuncture Center Providing Acupuncture to Fairfield, Wilton, and Bethel, Ct.   Ingri Boe-Wiegaard, L.Ac. ct#000016.   Ingri Boe-Wiegaard is a licensed and fully-insured acupuncturist with over twenty-five years spent in practice in Fairfield County.   Ms. Boe-Wiegaard has appeared on twenty radio shows and five television shows, and is a member of several acupuncture associations. She is also a member of Mensa. In addition to practicing acupuncture, Ms. Boe-Wiegaard is also available for lectures.    Ms. Boe-Wiegaard holds degrees from:   • The International College of Oriental Medicine (UK) • The Norwegian Academy for Natural Medicine (Naturopathic-Homeopathic) She has also done post-graduate work at   • The Norwegian Art School • University of Oslo with a concentration on Science • The University of Massachusetts at Amherst • Hollins College • Trinity College in Connecticut. Ingri Boe-Wiegaard spent her first years on a farm in Pennsylvania-  cows, corn fields, and baseball on the front lawn. Teen years were spent in Connecticut. High School in Litchfield Ct. All through her 20's Ingri was academic with one degree or another in the making. Her 2 boys were born  26 and 27 years ago, part of the 17 year residence in oslo, Norway (marriage there). After a galvanizing divorce (which one isn't?), they moved to USA, and the boys started kindergarten in Redding, CT. Her brother (6 siblings) died of AIDS, and both her parents have deceased. That sadness is offset with tremendous joy, humor, and love of life.  Favorite recreation besides the kids activities (you know what I mean), is catamaran sailing, kayaking, skiing, tennis, walking in the woods, movies, and laughing at sandra's jokes.(Sandra knows who she is - funny friend).  Ingri's great passion besides her Acupuncture practice, is the support of 3 offices where other healers can thrive. Her work spreads through 7 days a week, early to late, so a lot of fun also needs to happen there. Going to a movie or a sailing trip is just the most fun thing for a healthy break. When does the laundry get done?  Jjust got back from 10 days in Australia watching son William play some serious international tennis (finals of the Australian Amateur Open), Melbourne is a gorgeous city. So don't think workaholic is the right tag. The best quality of energy is know as "calm and clear".  Will the testemonials mention that? The best compliment is always a referral!! 


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My Acupuncture practice is full-time, 3 offices each day, with all conditions welcome. I am happy to be gentle with little children - acupressure, or very gentle acupuncture, is appropriate for them as well as sensitive teenagers. I am equally gentle with the very sick and the very old. All conditions can be helped with acupuncture.

Integrating several forms of health care treatments is becoming much more popular now. Our "dream team" of expert healers works closely together with a multi-center approach. Referrals from all areas of conventional medicine is also increasingly common. Md's come for treatment themselves! 

Come to my office for a free consultation, and watch the videos in my website to get an introduction.

When looking for an acupuncturist in your region - look for:

Licensed acupuncturist (exclusively), years of experience, check their website, and talk to them on the phone asking questions. This will give you a good feel for rapport. Good luck!


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