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The ActiveRain Inspiration Station is here to give you tons of great ideas about things you can write in your blog to attract visitors. Having a plan of attack for your blog could be the difference between it's success and failure. Granted, there are some amazing writers here in the rain, that never given a suggestion, would continue to pump out quality content until they retire.........but most of us are not in that boat.

And even those of us that are constantly inspired may benefit from an in depth look at ActiveRain's Analytic data regarding what consumers are searching for and when they are searching for it.

We all know, somewhere in our conscience, that in the Fall consumers will go online to find information about events happening in the Fall. But maybe we get so caught up in our own lives, our own businesses and our own blogs that we forget to provide information for consumers in our market when they want it.

We all know, somewhere in our conscience, that consumers would love to have the most relevant information on a host of industry related topics pertaining to the particular market in which they wish to buy and sell. Our goal with the Inspiration Station is to guide you on the topics that we see consumers searching for on a regular basis.

We hope to encourage you to write about topics that will draw attention and traffic to your blogs. Will we be awarding points systematically for these assignments? No, we won't. But we will be swooping in every now and then with featured posts for content that really educates, entertains and engages readers on that weeks topic. And don't be surprised if you end up getting some bonus points for truly stellar blog posts on a subject.




We have a lot of data, 5 years worth, to help us pinpoint topics for which consumers search. However, you know what works in your markets and what drives traffic for your own blogs as well. If you have ideas of things that the Inspiration Station could focus on, please do not hesitate to make suggestions. You can always send us an email through the contact button our profile here.



Looking for some topics for your blog? We have them here at the ActiveRain Inspiration Station. Your one stop shop to find out what consumers are searching for and tailor your blog to meet their needs