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ActiveRain: Keeping You In The Loop!
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Get to Know ActiveRain: Keeping You In The Loop!

Sometimes ActiveRain acts up, throws a temper tantrum or two, and then goes off into a corner to pout for awhile.

Our support staff and development team are always aware of the little fits ActiveRain throws from time to time, and we try our best to give the site a stern talking-to and set things to rights as soon as we can. Our programmers are working diligently to invent a magic wand that we can wave over the site that will instantly resolve these wicked little temper tantrums, but in the meantime we have to tackle them the old-fashioned way-- digging in, getting our hands dirty, and fixing things as quickly and thoroughly as we can!

Unfortunately, the old-fashioned way tends to take a bit more time than simply waving a magic wand. Rest assured-- we are addressing the issues that arise, but if you want to stay in the loop when ActiveRain dons its naughty hat and starts acting up, you're in the right place!

We will announce all known issues here, and hopefully give you some ideas for how to work around them until we've got that magic wand created (or until our hard-working site developers can dig in and fix them for you)!

Visit us here at to stay in the loop and, as always, if you have questions please contact us at  


Keeping all Rainers in the loop as to the happenings in the 'Rain!