Mike Wollen (Keller Williams Realty)

3001 Lava Ridge Ct.

Roseville , CA 95661

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Get to know Mike Wollen

I became a Realtor in 2003 after retiring from my sales position as a sales engineer for a sheet metal fabricating machinery distributor. I wanted to continue stimutating my mind and learning new things. I am currently with Keller Williams Realty-Roseville, CA.  I am a Broker Asssociate and focus on working with distressed homeowners facing foreclosure.


Helping homeowners in default to solve their problem in a way that gives them the best possible outcome for them, is the area of expertise I am developing.  Homeowners face many potential pitfalls and unscrupulous characters praying on their plight with little regard for how it helps them. My motto is, "Its all About You".  Short Sale, in most cases, is the best solution for homeowner in Default if they are unable to obtain a Loan Modification of some sort.  Where to live after the sale of their home is the first problem to tackle for homeowners in distress.  Its difficult to focus on selling your home without knowing what the future holds. I have an inhouse property manager with an inventory of readilly avialable homes to rent if the homeowner does not have a fall back position already in place.  Once the homeowners future is resolved we focus on the best solution for dealing with their default.  In most cases this is a Short Sale but on occasion it may be to rent the home out, let it go to foreclosure, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or a combination.  My job is to walk teh homeowner thruogh these potential solutions and help them arrive at a decision as to which is best for them.  Finally it is my job to help the homeowner carry out the plan that completes the process.   


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