James Sommers, P.A. (Gulf Gateway Realty Inc)

1326 SE 47th St

Cape Coral , FL 33904

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I’ve been in SW FL for 22 yrs, so I have the local knowledge, and I’ve been a full time Realtor for 8 yrs, giving me the professional experience to make your home search smooth and rewarding.

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I’ve been in SW FL for over half my life (22 out of 42 yrs), so I have the local knowledge to help you find a great area. I’ve been a full time Realtor for nearly 9 years, giving me the professional experience to make your home purchase as smooth and rewarding as possible. I love SW FL and wouldn't want to live anywhere else at this point in my life. I enjoy the boating and fishing, the beaches and golf courses, and there is great hiking and bird watching.  I love to show off my community and explain why I chose this place to call home.For people looking to buy a home I'm here to explain the whole process and coordinate your closing. From pre-qualifying letters from your lender, to appraisals, home inspections, surveys, title insurance, and finally the closing.For sellers I provide the market analysis and explain the market and how it relates to your home's price. I'll go over the marketing of your home, both on-line and off. We schedule the showings of your home to qualified buyers and negotiate in your best interest when offers come in. I keep everyone in their time lines as we move forward to closing.Please call or e-mail me with any questions you have. I'd love to work with you and help you find your next dream home, winter escape, or investment property.


I specialize in making your like easier during one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, times of your life.  I'd love to sell you a million dollar home on the river, and I'll take just as much care of you, and explain every little detail when you buy your $50k condo to escape the Michigan winters.  I'm familiar with the waterfront lifestyle and I can explain it to our newcomers.  I understand the idle times through the canals of Cape Coral because I've timed them.  Want to talk about golf courses so inexpensive that you feel bad sneaking in beer?  Call me.

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