Jane  Larson (Town & Country Realtors, Inc. )

1800 S. Alpine Ave.

Sioux Falls , SD 57110

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Town & Country Realtors has 2 offices, one in Brandon, SD and one in Sioux Falls, SD. We have a total of 25 agents and 4 support staff. We are currently hiring more Realtors.

Get to know Jane Larson

I have been the Office Manager for our Sioux Falls SD branch of Town & Country Realtors for the past 12 years.  Needless to say I have seem many changes.  The most prominent one would be technolgy and the Social Media Networks.  Of course a little bit of all these things is important, but I still feel the most important thing is the personal touch.  I still believe most people want to see someone face to face and have a hand shake.  Who knows where this technoloy will go! 


Our Broker/Owner, Lee Schelling, went to the Real Estate National Convention in Chicago in Nov. of 2001.  Which he has attended EVERY YEAR since he has been a broker!  He asked if we needed anything, I asked for a new digital camera!  Well he came back with the Egg Solutions 360 Virtual tour equipment, software, lens and we purchased a camera locally!  That was the beginningn of us doing our own REAL 360 Virtual Tours.  Many agents/companies just have digitial slide shows set to music, this is NOT a 360 Virtual Tour!  We want our prospective buyers to "see around the corner"!  We have created 100's of them.  This is a great tool for buyers to view homes 24/7 and it is also good for the sellers since the buyers can see the home before they physically preview it, it does away with a lot of non purchasers.  Also doesn't waste the agents or sellers time.  Our next step is the Egg Solutions 360 Video Shows.  This will give us the chance to tell a little about the home as it is viewed.  We are looking forward to this.  We also utilize the Real Estate Shows which adds emotion to the digital slide show.  And we have uploaded these Real Estate Shows to YouTube!  We look forward to trying anything new that comes along! 

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