Jared Remington (Peak Capital Partners)

New Canaan , CT 06840

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- Real estate private equity investment firm / sponsor - Focus on existing high quality and distressed multi-family opportunities - Consider compelling commercial real estate opportunities What w

Get to know Jared Remington

- Partner at Peak Capital Partners, a real estate private equity firm focusing on 100+ unit multi-family opportunities
- 10+ years RE investment experience, strong track record
- Wharton MBA, real estate & finance


What we offer:
- Compelling multi-family investment opportunities: IRRs: 20%+, Y1 cash yields: 10%+
- Experienced management team
- Expertise in Western and Southeast U.S. markets offering strong fundamentals, growth characteristics
- Solid track record

What we need:
- Equity partners / investors who receive attractive preferred return and profit split
- Existing multi-family deals, both distressed / high quality, B-class or better, cap rate: 9+, 100+ units, Western / Southeast / Mid-Atlantic U.S. preference

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  • English