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I like to chase tennis balls and play in the water. Oh wait... that's Lucy, my Labrador!

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From my website, 

A colleague of mine once said, "Real Estate is a lousy first career, but it's a great 4th or 5th
career!"    I couldn't agree more.    Without boring you about the details of the job, suffice it to say
that to do it right requires a convergence of several of the major life energies we all have to
some degree.

First of all, you have to want to do things right.  That may seem obvious, and of course anyone
who wants your business will tell you that they do things right, but the genuine desire to do
things right even when it costs money or means more work is something you learn from
experience (or not!).   Running my studio for all those years I learned the importance of this.   
The desire to do things right has cost me time, money, and aggravation over the years, many
times, but I believe in the end it's the only way to proceed.

Second, you have to know on a fundamental level that if you work hard and project yourself
positively, you will be rewarded- but it may not be in the ways you expected, or come in the time
frame you desire.  I learned this working in commissioned sales for 11 years from a couple of
great mentors.  We all have experienced the horror of the desperate salesman- pushy,
aggressive, only concerned with his immediate needs.   He wants to make that sale so he can
make that next payment on his car, or whatever.   And I hope you have all experienced the
opposite- the salesman who cares more about the integrity of the process, about educating you,
and ultimately about forming real and lasting relationships, than about closing the sale today.  
To operate with the latter mindset requires a leap of faith that some people never make.  If you
do make it, you learn that if you work hard for people and genuinely listen to their needs in the
long run, you build a base of happy clients.    Success follows that leap of faith.

Finally, you must be willing to serve.  This is maybe the hardest for some people and I'm not
sure that it's a learnable skill; you either are willing to serve other people's interests or you are
not.  I am.  If you work with me, you will find yourself almost embarrassed by the things I do to
help the process.  I have painted siding, I have built steps, I have repaired plumbing, I have
crawled under homes.   I do this because, frankly, it's my job to serve your needs!   Most
importantly I do it because it's in my nature to do so.

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I'm a writer and musician.  I'm a salesman.  I own a sucessful client-driven business that ISN'T real estate.  I'm a nice guy.  People generally like me.  I can be a little irreverant.  I love the outdoors.  Fish fear me.  My kids do not fear me.  My dog thinks I am God.  I skied 19 days last winter at age 41.   My knees hurt in the morning.  I own a number of wonderful old guitars.  I wish I could do them justice.   My wife is lovely and talented, and she would kill me if she read that!

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