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Jeff Polonsky
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Get to Know Jeff Polonsky is a local mortgage company serving the Seattle area now for over 6 years.

Within the office, our loan officers represent some of the best in the business. Many with over 10 years in this industry.

We specialize in making our customers understand the process and providing them with the best loans and rates.

For the loan officer - We are always looking for seasoned Loan Officer's looking for the best split. Some training provided and free marketing e-book and help - always only a phone call away!

Small commercial loans, residential re-finance and new purchase are our main focus. Customer satisfaction is always number one and the referrals we receive from our customers reminds us we are doing our job the right way.

www.Easywaytoshop.comIs a business directory like no other. With hundreds of categories to choose with Realtors being one of them. We check out each addition to the directory. Check references and standing in the community. When a customer needs a Realtor, they simply sign in, click what they are looking for (residential, commercial, condo, area etc.), hit the submit button and we do the rest.

We will search for the best fit for that person based on the request. Check them out, do the customers homework for them, keep the customer anonymous and send a TXT to the phone of the customers choice within 3 minutes with the top three Realtors that fit.

They pick who they want to talk with, hit send on the cell phone and you are connected. Simple and fast. The Realtor will also get a TXT letting them know that Jon. D is looking for a Realtor and may call. Fast, Safe and easy to use.

Customers leave comments on the experience they have had which may bring new business to you.

Site launch is set for 1st quarter in 09 but space is limited and free. Only 25 vendors per category per state. Check us out and request to be added to the directory today.


I have been working in the Seattle area now since 1990 and working as a loan officer since 1999. I have been involved in sales of one kind or another for over 25 years. When I first started working in the mortgage industry I realized right away that I found what I really enjoy doing. This business has had its ups and downs over the years, but helping my customers get the right loan with the best rates has always been my goal.

Several years into working for one the Nations largest mortgage companies, I started training new loan officers and giving seminars to other "seasoned" loan officers on how to increase business and market yourself in this business. My motto has always been that "if the customer always comes first- everything else will follow". A respected customer is a repeat customer.

In 2004 I wrote an e-book for our industry and to date has sold over 10,000 copies and is still in circulation today.


Loan Network, LLC - Customer service and Hard to place loans have always been our speciality - even in this market! Of course, we like the easy one's as well!