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Specializing in purchase and refinance loans as an FHA/VA/Conventional and USDA lender. We process/underwrite and fund our own loans under one roof here in Phoenix.

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Honesty. I pride myself on being honest with myself and with others. The advice and guidance that I provide to my clients and to my referral partners is the same advice that I would give to one of my family members if they were in the same situation. In essence, I would never put anyone who is doing business with me in harms way. I desire to build solid, trusting relationships with each and every client as well as the referral sources they came from. My business is almost 100% referral based. I am always looking for ways to improve my business and to provide additional tools and resources that add value to my clients. Just like a doctor or an attorney invests in their business to make themselves successful, I too spend time and money to invest in mine.

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I have specialized in First Time Homebuyers for the past 8 years and continue to offer them education and resources that help them navigate the confusing world of mortgage finance.

100's of loans funded 100's of clients educated 100's of referrals given

As a mortgage banker I love the fact that we can honestly evaluate each client I work with as we are underwriting and funding our own loans. This is absolutely critical in today's market as there is little to no control over the mortgage approval process through a broker channel. As a bank we have the ability to bring "Wall Street to Main Street." What I mean by this is that we have the clout of a bank but we don't treat you like one of the big banks will. If you have a question, you will get me or my team and an answer versus a call center where you will input your loan # and may never talk to the same person twice! We are licensed in nearly every state and specialize in FHA/VA financing - which is what most First Time Homebuyers are in need of.

To the Real Estate Agents: If a loan can't be approved or the client is not a good candidate for financing, I will let you know right away! I have no interest in wasting your time, or theirs, or mine for that matter. Some LO's may be afraid that giving you "bad news" on a referral you send will sabotage the relationship. I feel that it's my job to deliver that not so good news so that you don't spend your time and money running potential clients around that arent' potential clients. In addition to that, I have software that I use to tie you to those clients and then work with them to put them in a position to be qualified buyers so that I can then turn them back over to you as a viable deal. I want to make you look good!


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